Pointless Thursday

Looking towards the eating area

Some people do wordless Wednesday. I thought about wordless Thursday but decided pointless Thursday was more appropriate. The past week has been full of ups and downs. Wildly fluctuating ups and downs. Things won’t be “regular” (if that even exists anymore) for another week or two (or maybe never).

Facing the other way

Missed shipments, mix-ups, health scares and peers dying all contribute to the chaos. On a positive note my birds (the outdoor ones I feed), who were MIA for a week, are back. I’m blaming it on a marauding hawk although I never saw it.

I’ve been reluctant to post “kitchen project” pictures because you can’t see real progress in a photo. All but two cabinets are in. I’ve had to make some substitutions because things I thought were waiting for me in a warehouse weren’t. On a scale of life, it’s all small stuff. That’s my new mantra!

The island cabinets are a smoky blue, darker than they look in the photo. There is an end panel that covers the unpainted part.

67 thoughts on “Pointless Thursday

  1. Kate, so sorry it has been a rough week. It’s been all too recent that I was in your shoes and it wasn’t a lot of fun. But Kate, looks like it is going to be a beautiful kitchen and I can’t stop being in love with the kitchen window and the light you have there. Just hang tight, it’s going to be so worth it.

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  2. I like this a lot Kate – lots of room, the island and most of all the big windows and all the light pouring in. I’m sure you will love the finished result and will forget all the angst to get to that point. What to christen the new range with and hopefully the kitchen chairs are still pristine and no hairballs as they await placement in the finished room (hopefully soon).

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  3. i’m sincerely sorry for your loss. From a person who doesn’t have to live in your house, it ‘looks’ like you are making grand progress. Everything looks great. Now, I’ve crossed everything in the hopes that your sink arrives so you can continue to move forward. New years = new kitchen. 🙂

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  4. Sorry about the loss of your peers . . . but happy that the hawk isn’t continuing to chase the birds away.

    I decorated for Christmas today (even though I’m feeling too nostalgic to feel truly festive) ~> I want Christmas to be the way Christmas was when I was NOT the oldest generation . . . or even the second oldest. I’d like my parents and grandparents to be back in the mix WITH mom doing all the holiday baking of scones, stollen, Yorkshire pudding, plum pudding, miniature fruitcake cupcakes, and Christmas cookies. With my grandfather making whiskey sours to sip while we opened presents galore.

    Alas! Time only moves forward. Keep breathing, Kate!

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  5. Looking good! This thing with “slow” is going to be with us for a while….supplies are stuck in the supply chain, people are not in the mood to stick with a job, trucks are backed up for miles to pick up loads of “stuff” for delivery…..holy cow, it’s kind of amazing anything happens these days. The kitchen really will be fab when it’s done. It’s all about “the end game”. It’s taken us three weeks to find someone interested in blowing our leaves into the woods. SLOW but sure. I HATE IT AND IT MAKES ME CRANKY TOO! 🙂

    Hugs, Pam

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    • I’m not sure why there is such a shortage of skilled workers. I get the entry level positions not getting filled. Most are underpaid without benefits but one must eat and extra supplements dried up.


  6. On the continuum of kitchen renos, yours seems to be farther along that what I would expect. Once it’s finished, it’ll be a beautiful space. Hang in there. Sorry about the personal losses-they’re always hard on the spirit but especially during the holidays. Thinking of you and sending warm thoughts of comfort.

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    • Thanks! Everything has taken long especially the planning stage. The cabinet set up has been going at a good speed. We have one guy doing the whole job. He has a high degree of attention to detail so it’s slower than having a team slap them in but we had some weird issues to work through.

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    • If all goes as scheduled (and so far that hasn’t really worked) we should have a working sink by Christmas. The sink is what I miss most of all. The counter tops are scheduled to be templated next week. I’m being hopeful. We need to have the actual sink in our possession by then (and that’s been one of the roadblocks).


  7. I love photos of house projects in process. I feel that many people don’t quite understand the chaos and anxiety that go along with having your house torn up… to make it better. It’ll happen, Kate. Eventually.

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  8. It seems that troublesome things cluster. My mother always said, “Bad things come in threes.” It sounds like you’ve had the fours, fives, and sixes, too. So sorry, Kate, that you are having to go through all of this. Take time to pamper yourself. You are darn-well worth it. ❤

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