The transition of jeans and genes or maybe it’s just aging


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Jeans! How they’ve changed over the years! I wear them a lot in the fall/winter. I wore them when I was a kid too only we called them dungarees. They were different. I remember getting a new pair when I … Continue reading

Random 5 for September 11 – Twin towers, death, hugs, bad luck, sales


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It’s been 15 years – How did the time go by so fast! I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard of the attacks. I was at work and we closed. People needed to … Continue reading

Random 5 for August 28 – Adults, prayers, sidebar ads, Dear Siri, social commitments


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I’m tired of being an adult – This week I smashed my face into a wall (don’t ask because I don’t know how I did it). It hurt like hell. I was in a store. I really wanted to sit … Continue reading

Gobsmacked by death


Gobsmacked combines the northern English and Scottish slang term gob, mouth, with the verb smack. It suggests the speaker is utterly astonished or astounded. It’s much stronger than just being surprised; it’s used for something that leaves you speechless, or … Continue reading

Don’t make me do it! Time for clothing change outs


It was a lazy weekend. Not much going on.  The weather has been cool and unpredictable with the sun shining one minute and the clouds making you chilly the next so I enjoyed the great indoors. It was a good … Continue reading