Random 5 for July 3, 2022 – Radio, crass people, weather, post-construction, fireworks


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I love radio! – On my morning drive to Starbucks I play the local oldies station. Two guys banter and play music on the morning show. They are of different generations, and I enjoy the conversation as much as the … Continue reading

Random 5 for October 14 – Radio, music, holidays, ads, friends


Dead spots or not – I listen to a local station during my very short commute to the gym. The past week or so the static has been so bad I can’t always hear. Convinced it was the stupid entertainment … Continue reading

Random 5 for August 28 – Adults, prayers, sidebar ads, Dear Siri, social commitments


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I’m tired of being an adult – This week I smashed my face into a wall (don’t ask because I don’t know how I did it). It hurt like hell. I was in a store. I really wanted to sit … Continue reading