Random 5 for August 28 – Adults, prayers, sidebar ads, Dear Siri, social commitments



I’m tired of being an adult – This week I smashed my face into a wall (don’t ask because I don’t know how I did it). It hurt like hell. I was in a store. I really wanted to sit down and cry for my Mom. However, I soldiered up and finished my errands. I got a gigantic goose egg on my forehead but my bangs cover it. I’m sure it wouldn’t look so bad if my Mom would have kissed it to make it better. Being an adult isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

What you see when you are paying attention – We were in a pizza shop at dinner time. Two men came in. They looked like father and son with the son looking close to 50 and the father considerably older. When their pizza came they bowed their head and the father said grace. I have never seen that at a pizza shop. Ever.

Sucker! – I am on Facebook. There is a lot of crap on Facebook too. I never click on those tantalizing news clips because they are all fake. (Ok, full confession, I did click on one but it was a long time ago.) They are selling something endorsed by Dr. Oz or Dr. Phil or someone I’m supposed to respect. This past week I clicked on a news article from one of the huge national newspapers. It was legit but the download took forever. There were too many sidebar ads with moving parts. I am not clicking on anything connected to Facebook.

SiriHanging with my homies – Since giving up Sirius radio in my car I have become reacquainted with the local stations. I love the local news, weather and traffic reports – not so much the commercials. They have a “Dear Siri” segment in the morning that’s hysterical. You email your problems. Siri answers them (in stilted voice) like a trucker complete with words bleeped out. It’s like Dear Abby on drugs.

Squeeze it all in – All of sudden the end of summer is looming and we have social commitments to fulfill. How does that happen? We agree to meet for drinks or dinner early on but it doesn’t happen in June or July. We end up with tons of things to do the last week of August. It’s almost as if winter will start on September 1st. We will be partying this week! Whoop, whoop!

So how was your week?party-on

42 thoughts on “Random 5 for August 28 – Adults, prayers, sidebar ads, Dear Siri, social commitments

  1. I’ve never tried Sirius radio, but I signed up for Pandora a while ago. I don’t use it very often, but when I do, I really enjoy it. I was just listening to Sam Smith. Now they’re playing “Soulful Strut.” Sort of jazzy and pleasant.

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  2. So sorry about your mishap. I once tripped in a fancy (and dark) restaurant in the middle of the dining room as my party was being taken to our table. A diner had placed her purse too far away from her chair, and my foot snagged into the strap and dragged it until I fell. I hit my head on an empty chair. It hurt like hell but the embarrassment was worse. If only I was writing a blog back then…

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  3. I loved praying over pizza. I really had a good laugh.

    I do hope you put ice on that goose egg. I’ve done that so many times. Last one, I didn’t realize a clear door was closed and just smashed right into it. Some man in a parked car saw me and insisted I sit in his passenger seat. I was dizzy like in a cartoon.

    I admire how versed you are on Facebook. My blog is on it and I occasionally post an essay, but I’m not as attentive as I should be.

    You are a cyber master Madam Kate. 🙂

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  4. Ouch! For me the pain from hitting my face would not have been as bad, as someone seeing it happen! But, I would have shed tears, either way. And perhaps the pizza customers were praying that they did not end up with heart failure!

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  5. When I recently fell off a ladder and fractured my hip, one of my first thoughts (right after “oh, s%*t, that hurts”) was, “I need to call my parents and tell them,” even though they’ve been gone for over ten years. My husband has taken care of me wonderfully, but nothing beats the sympathy and care given by Mommy and Daddy. I hope your boo-boo heals quickly.

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      • Well, I HOPE it’s different today! And, of course I blogged about it… why let a good fracture go to waste? I am healing nicely, thank you. I’m now getting around partially by cane, partially on my own (although still gimpy). One positive outcome was that everyone kept saying how young I was… I guess most of the fractures they see happen to older folks (and, yes, that is much more serious).

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        • I found it. I had read it and commented on it, then I forgot about it. You don’t whine about these things like I do! You are way too young for this. It usually happens to older women who have osteoporosis. It’s one of my great fears. Good to hear that you are recovering nicely.

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  6. I trip in public a lot. Usually when I’m walking dogs. Then I swear like loudly and angrily like a sailor (or a college girl).

    Then I feel stupid. Sitting and crying is probably more honest and who knows? Maybe someone will offer you a lollipop instead of fleeing at high speed.

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    • Balance is an issue as you age (and yes, I’m there). It’s more typical that my feet and legs get the brunt of the fall but in this case my head hit a counter on the way down. I never thought of a lollipop. Stores should do that for anyone who falls but adults are so conditioned to feel embarrassment that they wouldn’t take one.

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  7. Yeah, sometimes it sucks to be an adult, especially when you want comfort from the one person who always gave it toy unconditionally. I’m glad the bump wasn’t bad.
    I’ve seen more and more people bow their heads in grace before meals in all sorts of public places including amusement parks. Good for them. Have a better week..:)

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  8. You see Kate……… your problem is that you are trying too hard to be an adult! It really is nothing like any of us ever imagined, so don’t go there! I have not been an adult for quite a few years now and I have not once smashed my face into a wall once! 🙂

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