Holy crap Batman, it’s been five years

My first gravatar

My first Gravatar

I worried about my synapses snapping after I retired. Would I become one of those slow speaking, irritatingly nice old people. The ones that talk to all salespeople and cashiers when you are waiting for your turn. Ack! (That’s mostly for the nice part!)

I didn’t want to exert myself too much (no push ups for me!) so I picked something I enjoy doing…like writing. I would write to keep myself fresh. Would it work?

It’s five years later. I don’t know if it made a difference in synapse snapping but it made a difference in my life.

There are tons of people I’ve met (metaphorically) through blogging. Some of them I know better than my next door neighbors. Most of them!

People are willing to share the damnedest things. Me too. I laugh. I snort coffee through my nose (you know who you are).

On August 31, this blog will have survived five years. That is no small thing. Most of the bloggers I started with have long since stopped. Many have cut back.

Yeah, sometimes it gets old but just when I think I have written about everything I know, someone does something really stupid and I have to write about it (I’d be in blog heaven if I was a political blogger!).

It’s all about the readers though. Just like anything else, it’s more fun to interact with people. I appreciate every single comment and like I get. I have learned so much from all of you.

Sure, occasionally I think you are crazy but isn’t that what friendship is all about? You make me feel normal! Who knew that there were others who preferred animals to people.  

Thank you for keeping my brain snapping! Thank you for taking the time to comment! Thank you for being you!


60 thoughts on “Holy crap Batman, it’s been five years

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  2. Congrats and Cheers! A long blog life is really an accomplishment. (It is sad when you look around and see how many bloggers you started with have wandered off. No doubt a ton of new arrival bloggers will arrive at you “door” and be amazed at you and all the hilarious things wyou write about.
    Thanks for being you and sharing it all with us!

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  3. You’re amazing, Kate! Not only have you kept going for five years, but you post every few days. (How often do you post?) I always enjoy reading your posts for their humor and the way you find something interesting in the everyday things. Thanks for being my blogging friend.

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  4. Hi, Kate – I met you through Janis’ Retirementally Challenged blog! I’ve just had a read of some of your back posts and am totally hooked. I have only been blogging for seven months but I already fully agree with you that, “Bloggers are a caring, supportive community who provide tons of good coaching and ideas. ”
    I look forward to reading more.


    • Welcome and I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do. My followers are really great people. Most of my issues are with technology but even there I have learned so much. Many times I put a question out there and I get great answers.

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  5. Jeepers creepers. Thanks for hanging in there Kate. Who would provide us five things in ramdom every week. You are way better than me. Can only think of one thing at a time. For sure, there will be a direct line from heaven to WordPress waiting for you. Cheers.


  6. Now I have this image of snapping a whip at your ankles to keep you moving. Sigh. This getting mature business is for the birds, really, but I am so glad to find other friends who are going through the same thing and who prefer animals. I have this blog post idea simmering now for months: why volunteering for animals instead of for humans? hahahaha, gee, I wonder why.

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  7. Congratulations! Five years of blogging is great. I am also appreciative that you did not become one of those overly-nice-sickeningly-sweet people out in the world! I feel bad sometimes, but those overly nice people can really get on my nerves at times. Could be me! Keep writing!

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  8. Congratulations! I think you were the first blogger on WordPress I began to follow after I created my account. I struggle weekly now with something to write about, yet you seem to (effortlessly) churn out those posts on a regular basis. IMPRESSIVE!

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    • Thanks! I am honored to be your first! I love your stories of retiring to Florida which is a dream (especially every winter) to us northern folks. You have a lot to write about, it just doesn’t sound interesting in your head (at least mine never does!).

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  9. Congratulations! Five years! I am very impressed. I haven’t been following you that long, but your writing is always so fresh, like a breath of breezy air. I haven’t blogged long, but most of the people I first followed are no longer posting. I’m thrilled that you are still going strong.

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  10. Congrats on blogging for five years. I read somewhere that most bloggers only last about a year. Some come back later, but writing on a regular basis takes discipline and determination. It isn’t as easy as people think. There are times when you don’t feel good, you have a life crisis, or just can’t think of a darn thing worth writing about. So lasting for five years is an accomplishment. I always enjoy reading your posts.

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  11. Time flies when you’re having fun. (Who said aging is fun!!!)
    Congratulations on your “sticktuittiveness.”
    Please Note: I own that word, It’s patented.

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  12. Yours was one of the first blogs I found. It had snark. Humor. Self-deprecation! And it had cats, too! (I miss Jake.)

    It’s like a treat. I find myself thinking, “I will get that second cup of coffee and sit down and read Kate’s blog.”

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