Sassy cats — Around the house

We need a bigger dining room table. (They are not allowed on the table.) These two buds often sleep together. Preferably somewhere they are not allowed.

Hazel-Morgan on diningtable2016

And a bigger bed too! Well, they are allowed on the bed but no hairballs please!

Morgan-Hazel sleepingonbed2016

Mollie didn’t think there was enough room for her 7 lb. body. She had to leave. (Notice this is a picture from about 2 years ago. Morgan is still a kitten…sort of.)


24 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Around the house

  1. There’s some rule that all surfaces must expand to fit the number of cats in a home?
    Do they have assigned seats? Ours always seemed to know exactly who was allowed to cover what area. (Creates problems for single cat households as one cat is responsible for covering all areas)

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  2. Your kitty photos always make me smile. My big dog has only one place he’s absolutely not allowed to lay … directly in front of the air intake vent for the central air. So I guess we all know where you can find him pretty much any time of day (or night). And me being the stern mom that is the boss of this house, takes special care to gingerly step AROUND HIM when he’s snoozing there, so I won’t disturb his afternoon nap. Uhm, yep. It’s like that. 🙂

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  3. I guess the wide open space and height of the dining room table holds a special allure for all cats.

    Three scratching posts and two beds and that’s where they hang out, especially when it’s hot.

    I used to float mini roses in fancy dishes as a dining room centerpiece. Until Bat Cat decided that her preferred water should be rose-scented and drunk from my grandmother’s cut crystal.

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  4. Snorts! But the places we are not suppose to be are the coolest places because you make the biggest deals about them so there has to be something about them. Got it? Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

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