The magic

Back when I was young (not all that long ago) I had a male friend who lived at home. We were in our mid-30s and at that time it was unusual to live with your parents. Single guys either had their own apartment or had a roommate with bad cleaning habits.

One day a group of friends were together and someone asked if he would ever move out. He said that he didn’t know. Then he explained about the magic.

He said the house where he lived had a magic box. He put dirty clothes in it and found clean clothes in his drawers.

There was a magic box that was cold in the kitchen. It contained all the food he could ever want and cold beer.

There was a magic fairy who showed up when he was at work and cleaned up his room.

He was only missing a magic car fairy.

For all this magic he paid a small monthly stipend which was less than apartment rent, utilities, cleaning ladies and laundry services. Why would he move?

It reminded me of the magic in my life. My husband raised kids by himself and is no stranger to housework. He surprised me with his skills when we married.

We have a magic drawer. There are always stamps in there. I never check if we need any. They are always there.

There is always toilet paper stocked in the various bathrooms. I put it on the rollers but there is always another roll in the cabinet.

The garbage cans go to the curb on the appropriate nights and return empty the next morning.

I don’t mind painting but I hate to clean out brushes. There is a magic can in the basement sink. You put it in and it ends up clean and hanging on the rack.

Anything that gets cooked on a grill is done by the grill fairy who also cleans up.

Milk, orange juice and beer are automatically stocked. Just like magic. As is his lunchmeat, cheese, peanuts and anything else he likes to eat. (If only he ate fruits and vegetables!)

Many repairs are completed after a comment that something is malfunctioning. Other repairs are fixed when a repairman shows up. My involvement is confined to the announcement.

There is a lot of magic in this house and I’m very grateful.

He doesn’t do everything. Like my friend I haven’t found a car fairy yet and I have to train my cats to clean their own litter box!

In the meantime I am enjoying the magic!


53 thoughts on “The magic

  1. This is one of the sweetest posts I’ve ever read. And I reminder to be grateful for those who plant fairy dust magic all around us. There’s a magic box in my house too: every week, magically, the plants are all watered, the trash is out on the curb and then back in the garage, the burned out light bulbs are replaced (and old smoke alarm batteries too), and the bills are, magically, paid for. I LOVE magic. 🙂

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  2. How wonderfully said, Kate. I need to be more vocal in thanking my husband for the magic he also provides. He takes care of so many little things that just magically appear complete! For one thing, I NEVER make the coffee. LOL! That’s just one…

    I loved reading this, Kate.

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    • I rarely make coffee. Mostly I go to Starbucks but when we have a cup in the evening he usually makes it and he always makes it for company. After living alone for many years, it really is wonderful that I don’t have to do everything.


  3. What a magical post! I’m so glad you wrote about your magic so that I could review mine. I have a magic coffee pot, a laundry genie, and a trash vanisher. The trash is not collected at the curb, but my valiant vanisher tates it to the garbage and recycle center down the highway. We share a gas genie. John fills the car using the card linked to my account. The car magic always got me to the church on time, an important item for a church organist.

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  4. Love this concept. Although it is a bit different in my household. Here, new intriguing things appear and I do the clean up. Wonderful meals land on the dinner table and I do the clean up. Active lives require three or four clothing changes a day, and I do the clean up. But I take this deal gladly.

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  5. I have a magic kitchen. Food that I don’t shop for magically appears in the refrigerator and then on the dining room table.

    Unfortunately, the magic kitchen produces a nasty byproduct called “mess.” Sadly, it does not clean itself.

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  6. It’s great to live with someone who is *MAGIC* . . .

    I have a magic coffee maker that is ready to go every morning at the touch of a button. And a magic dishwasher that remembers to wash the dishes when it’s full and put them away when they’re dry.

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  7. I’m not sure about magic in our home, but we certainly had an invisible lodger! That was the person who put the empty milk jug back in the fridge; left the lights on downstairs; left something frozen (was) out on the kitchen counter. There were so many things happening that could not be accounted for ……. clearly that invisible lodger again!

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  8. Thank you for sparking the magic Kate! There is much to be grateful for that is easy to overlook. Enjoy the magic in your marriage 💕 And be grateful you didn’t have to be the wicked witch for the other guy!

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  9. Ah, the magic of other people. I moved back home so my mom wouldn’t have to go into a retirement home after spending 4 weeks in a hospital. But Mom proved far more resilient than than the doctors predicted and it wasn’t long before I came home to magical dinners and woke up to magical breakfasts and found magical piles of folded laundry on my bed.

    People thought I was sacrificing something by living with her! I got the benefit of people’s admiration AND the magic of good food and laundry services.

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  10. Good grief! I had no idea that I was magical! When I do the shopping and provide all those things I had no idea I had wings and a wand. The only thing the husband provides is a check once a month (after I remind him) so that I can have money to purchase everything.

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    • The last time I saw him was in ’95 and he was living in the same home but I’m pretty sure his Mom was gone. Nope, no relationship or live-in so he must have learned how to do the magic for himself. He was a really nice guy, big on skiing, but no relationship stuck.

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