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The DJ on the radio said “It’s a barn burner!” He wasn’t talking about barns or fires. He was referring to the 90+ degree weather we are having.

A while back, after my free trial and my incredibly cheap first subscription expired, I gave up Sirius satellite radio. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it, I did. No blubbering radio person and no commercials.

However, I’m a logical person (somewhat…when it comes to shoes, chocolate and cats that’s off the table). I drive around 3,000 miles a year in my car. That’s not a lot of time. I am retired. That money could be put to better use (like shoes and chocolate) so I gave it up.

One thing I missed when I had Sirius was the local traffic report. To some extent I missed the weather but I live in a more mountainous region so the weather forecast is rarely correct. Clouds get hung up somewhere and storms make right or left hand turns without signals like an old blind driver, making fools out of the forecasters.

I didn’t realize I missed the pop culture you get listening to the radio. It’s a local treasure. There are phrases I’ve never heard before but I understand through the context of the sentence. (I also know where the best car deals are!)

There are always contests for concert tickets and goofy things they do that make me smile. All the local activities are announced and there are interesting food reviews (only good ones…they don’t want to lose sponsors).

Life is a tradeoff. I gave up the peace and tranquility (sort of…I listened to rock on Sirius) but I have more information on things that don’t matter. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Hope you are not having a barn burner.


67 thoughts on “Keeping up with the ???

  1. I’ve never tried Sirius, so I can’t miss something I’ve never tried. I do have the radio on all day though. I have mixed feelings about all the commentary that occurs during the course of the day. Sometimes it is very interesting and other times I just want them to shut up!

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    • We are expected to drop to 88 tomorrow. It’s been a consistent low 90s here all week and that’s kind of unusual. We have hot spells but we have had more this year than usual. Then again, nothing about the weather this year has been usual.


  2. I like Sirius even on short runs…so many choices. I wouldn’t pay the full price but their specials of 30.00 for six months was an easy choice. Except for some sports talk radio there’s just too much nonsense talking and commercials on regular radio.

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    • My frustration with Sirius was the uneven pricing. I had to call to get a special deal at the end of my subscription period or they would do an auto renew at an outrageous price. The special price was always different (and different from the one my husband got for his car an hour earlier). They may have kept me on if they hadn’t made it so weird.

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  3. Zen-Den has Sirius in his car, but I don’t. However, using the same account I have it on my smart phone. It’s quite nice there, and allows me to have some radio-type music without all that DJ blathering. [It’s also on my iPad, but I rarely use it there.] I like Sirius, but then I don’t download music so it takes the place of that.

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    • Initially I tried to get it in my house but the customer service rep told me it wasn’t available for that. This was about 10 years ago. I’d love it for that because I wouldn’t have jabbering nor would I need to fuss with CDs. I got used to the quiet so now it doesn’t matter so much. In my car the jabbering keeps me alert.


  4. I didn’t renew Sirius after my free subscription ended. I don’t drive enough (even before I retired, I had a three-mile commute) and I really prefer NPR. I get solicitations from Sirius now and then that say they are turning my subscription back on for a month but I usually don’t bother listening.

    We’ve been traveling… sometimes it’s been in the 90s, but today we drove through mountains that still had snow.

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  5. Nope. We’re not having a “barn burner.” Low 70s, sunny and perfect.

    I listen to NPR a lot. Sometimes I listen to music CDs. Each year on my birthday, my daughter sends me a new one with current songs on it. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut. Yesterday I played Man of la Mancha (looking for a song for one of my characters). I hadn’t heard it in a long time. It was great. It set my feet a-dancin’. I also started listening to Pandora. I don’t do it often enough.

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  6. We had Sirius free a couple of times. They didn’t have my favorite music choices, and John didn’t have the talk shows he likes. We are not tempted. Our older van has a six-disk CD player, and John loads it up before a trip. We never lack for music.

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  7. You would feel right at home here as it has been a barn burner for some time and will only get hotter. I only listen to National Public Radio and try to support it with a small annual donation. Stay as cool as possible! Margaritas help!

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  8. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the money would be more useful used on Starbucks. 🙂 We use to have Sirius Radio, but decided to cancel and listen to local stations so we hear what’s going on around us.

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  9. Supposed to hit 100 with much greater than that “feels like” temperatures. I have to be out in it in the early evening to judge some things at the county fair. Yay me!

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  10. I hardly ever drive, but one thing I always enjoy when I road trip is local radio for just that reason. It’s such a fun peek into the life of whatever community I’m passing through. Though I have to say that I don’t envy 90 degree weather – it’s nice and chilly here in Scotland! 😂


    • Chilly? I can’t remember what that feels like but I’m sure I’ll complain about it in 6 months! I remember a trip driving through our southern states. All we could get was country western stations. I like that music but after a while I was yearning for a change.


      • Haha in Scotland we don’t get the chance to forget! Funnily enough, I drove through the south of the States last year and loved the country music – I’d never heard any of it before!

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  11. I hate radio. I hate the DJs. I hate the stupid commercials. I hate that they play the same few set of songs over and over. I hate the stupid games. Gimme the MUSIC! When I get in the car unless there is a baseball game on, I have my iTunes on my phone playing. There I can get a random mix of rock, pop, country and oldies. I never know what’s going to come up next, unless I pick something specific. I wouldn’t pay for Sirius either.

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  12. A few months back, I quit Sirius as well…at least I tried to. But then the ‘special rejoining deals’ came flooding in…until my husband finally cracked and signed us up again! There goes our local news!

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    • That has happened to my husband multiple times. Now, after not having it for over a year, I’m starting to get offers. I hate their system. You sign up at one rate and at the end, they triple it. You have to call, threaten to stop it and then they come up with a “special deal” just for you. Boogers!

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  13. There are alternatives to Sirus, but I can’t really tell you what they are! Internet radio…Pandora, etc. However, I have and will continue to have Sirus. I like being able to listen (without changing a CD – and do you know the newer cars (2018) don’t have CD players!)to what ever I am in the mood for! My husband loves “smooth jazz”…there is not one jazz station left on either AM or FM. So I will continue with it…at least for now.


    • My trips are so short it doesn’t matter. If we go on a road trip we use my husband’s car and right now he has Sirius. I haven’t used a CD in my car in decades. We use them sometimes on a road trip but not for driving around town.


  14. Sirius radio saved my friend’s life! She was listening to the Elvis station and thinking about killing herself (she had become addicted to gambling). The next song was a spiritual, and she decided to admit to her husband and to get help.

    We don’t have a car. I wonder if there is Sirius Radio for bicycles!

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