Sassy cats — A slow news week

There were no mice or errant smoke alarms. Just full on summer heat. Everyone is kicking back and taking it easy, including the cats.

Mollie got a new “photo” taken. What do you think? Such an easy cat to photograph!

Mollie: I’m looking for an agent. I hear Friskies is looking for a new model.

Morgan and Gracie continue to play with the string and feather. One of these days, Gracie will age out of it. I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

(Morgan on her belly in the foreground and Gracie in the back trying to maintain control. Gracie: Mine, mine, mine. Morgan: That’s what you think squirt!

Hazel is still struggling with her weight. Actually she’s not, her human is. She continue to con the other cats out of their food. I believe she sneaks into the refrigerator at night.

This shot hides her belly. She chose it for that reason.

Everyone here wishes you a great weekend.

65 thoughts on “Sassy cats — A slow news week

  1. None of my cats are overweight, but we do call Sophie the fat cat. Mostly because she has that primordial pouch thing going on. But she would eat everyone’s food if we let her! We put her in a separate room during feeding time. And yes, Mollie needs an agent.

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    • Hazel did ok until Gracie came. We put the food for Morgan and Mollie on top of a bureau and Hazel couldn’t jump that high. Gracie can’t jump that high either so I have to put her food down. It’s hard to be vigilant and Hazel has become a hoover.

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  2. Poor Hazel! I hope she doesn’t overeat because of low self-esteem. Mollie is particularly pretty, Morgan and Gracie perhaps never invite her to play with them, and perhaps she needs additional comfort. If you find her eating alone and trying to hide the evidence, you might need to get her some additional professional help. That’s my suggestion! 🙂

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  3. Molly’s little pink tongue accent is perfect.
    Molly Malamute is ready to invite Morgan and Gracie to play. It’s so hot and it’s soooo boring (remedy to that next weekend with guest dogs)
    Oh, your smoke alarm alert got misplace and is over here. (Molly is seriously pawing at the back door)

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    • You can keep the alarm alert. and I can’t wait for the dog revolution to commence. RC is invited to visit if she would prefer some feisty feline companions instead. (In this weather there is not much feistiness going on.)

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    • She’s happy to know she’s not alone in her challenges. Personally she doesn’t really care. She would tell you that she has this demanding peep who is always trying to steal her food.


  4. Mollie is picture perfect. I wonder if she was a print model in another life, and came back as a cat. I think Hazel looks great and am impressed that she refuses to allow the world to body shame her; she’s just big-boned, you know! 😉

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    • On our last visit the vet wasn’t overly concerned with her weight although she has gained a little more since then. I had a lot of issues with Gracie and food so I had to have food available for when the little diva decided she was hungry. That’s been stabilized now. Unfortunately Hoover Hazel (as we call her these days) would often scoop it up (just to keep things cleaned up…at least that’s what she told us). Maybe as we move into fall we’ll have more luck with her diet.

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