Don’t make me do it! Time for clothing change outs

Courtesy of Pond Pike Cabins

Courtesy of Pond Pike Cabins

It was a lazy weekend. Not much going on.  The weather has been cool and unpredictable with the sun shining one minute and the clouds making you chilly the next so I enjoyed the great indoors.

It was a good time to start the clothing change out. Warmer, but not the warmest, clothing moving front on the racks and those flimsy tees moving to the back. (No, they really aren’t all that flimsy. I got rid of the real flimsy ones decades ago — about the same time my boobs started pointing south although the left one has some westward ho to it.)

Then it was time for the shoes. It’s just so sad to pack up the summer sandals. (Sometimes this part requires a glass of something strong to get started. Sometimes I pray to the shoe gods for guidance but only after the strong drink.)

There are two new pair of summer shoes that I haven’t worn much. Truth be told, they aren’t comfortable. I hate that. They are pretty and stylish (one is purple) but that doesn’t it cut it for me anymore.

What happened to my sense of style? It’s taken on a new partner called comfort who is definitely the stronger willed of the two. There have been huge fights especially over what to wear for special events.

Comfort: “Wear something comfortable so you can concentrate on enjoying people.”

Style: “But you’re going to look like  a dork in those shoes. They age you about 20 years. They look like you stole them from the nursing home.”

Comfort: “Fine, but don’t blame me if the beloved husband has to carry you to the car because you can’t walk. Remember this is how you got your bunion.”

I will winter them over and decide next year. If I don’t wear them, out they go. Someone out there will love them. (They will be at a Thrift Store in size 6-1/2 if anyone is interested.)

For me it’s easier to get rid of clothes than shoes. I get these attachments to shoes – abnormal, insane attachments.

  • But that’s my favorite color.
  • They looked so cute on someone else.
  • Maybe if I try them one more time all will be well. (Expecting my feet to change shape overnight is the definition of insanity!)

For the past few years I gravitate to the same comfortable shoe styles. I am delighted when I find a pair that is pretty and comfortable. In fact I am so delighted I buy it in different colors only to tire of the style faster. (Am I the only idiot who does that?)

I cull my clothes regularly. My washer-dryer does wonky things to my clothes that are totally unexplainable. One minute it fits, the next minute it’s on the donate pile. Crotch creep – out it goes. Belly crunch – toss! Wrinkle up – nada. If I don’t feel good in it, someone else will. Out, out, out.

In another few weeks I will be wearing more flannel (colorful of course), socks (some with cats on them) with my shoes and jackets. I intend to enjoy the last of the warm weather with the wildest colors until I am too cold to care.



42 thoughts on “Don’t make me do it! Time for clothing change outs

  1. I actually only have one wardrobe…I might grab a sweater once in a while, but that’s the extent of winter clothing. I’m afraid I think very little about clothing and my lack of interest undoubtedly shows! And shoes have to be comfortable or I don’t wear them. Fortunately, here in California I can wear cute sandals all year round. I do sometimes wonder what I’m going to look like when i finally retire…if I don’t think about my clothing now, what it will be like then? LOL!


    • Oh no! Not brand new! Of course those purple ones have been worn once so they are also brand new. I have skinny feet. The size that fits width-wise isn’t long enough for my pointy big toe. Maybe I need a foot-lift or maybe just a toe downsizing.


  2. Last spring I really over-hauled my closet. This fall I realize that some of my old ratty sweatshirts are gone … and I forgot to replace them. Off to the store I go and I don’t really like shopping all that much! I am so with you on comfort, especially in shoes — after bunion surgery 3 years ago I had no choice but to part with most of my cute – but bad-for-me- shoes. Bummer!



  3. Kate I already did the closet switch.. summer to the back, winter to the front. I wear sandals all winter. Granted they are Keen sandals with a rubber toe but I put on a pair of socks and I at least feel like I kept a bit of the best of summer, besides they are comfortable. Socks with teddy bears.. 😀 I do love my BOOTS!
    Good Morning!


    • Me too. I love the fresh apples and pumpkin flavors everywhere but that’s about where it stops. Wouldn’t be so bad if our winters were shorter. We won’t see leaves on our trees until April. Fortunately we haven’t started turning colors too much yet so maybe a few more weeks before everything is brown.


  4. Your funny post reminds me that I should work on my closet but down here I keep some summer clothes out all year as it can be warm and then a blue norther will hit and freeze us. I hate to get rid of shoes and don’t seem to wear the out either. Comfort is important but I need a few heels to make me feel taller but they must be sturdy heels. Good post!


    • Yes on the heels. I don’t have many but I try to find dressy wedge heels or nothing more than 2″ or I’ll kill myself. Can’t believe I used to wear what we called spikes. They were 3″. Of course these days the young women wear 5″ spikes. Don’t know how they do that.


  5. If shoes aren’t comfortable, out they go. No exceptions. I would rather feel good than look good. No one ever accuses me of being a fashionista . . . or even fashion conscious.

    I’m in a fashion coma most of the time. 😛

    Sounds like you picked a good project for a gray weekend, Kate.


  6. LOL, no you’re not the only one to buy different colors of a style liked at the time of purchase and possibly for a season. I have many shoes that I keep in some deluded hope they are going to magically get comfortable whilst sitting under my bed.


    • Me too. Hasn’t worked yet. In fact I buy all kinds of inserts thinking the right one will work magic. Every once in a while I hit the jackpot especially if the shoe is just a little big. Most of the time it doesn’t really help.


    • My husband wears shorts until Thanksgiving no matter how cold it is. He says it’s not right to wear long pants earlier than that. He rarely wears sweaters. His internal heater is much better than mine.


        • So true. I have a throw for my side of the bed which I use year round even on top of the winter blanket because he doesn’t like the same number of blankets that I do. He just uses a sheet in the summer. I get cold when I sleep except when I’m having a heat flash. My covers are in constant motion.


  7. You are blogging to the right person this very minute, Kate! I did it (or am i the midst of it) this past weekend. Oh! How I love my clothes! I am now just beginning to get ruthless. If the shirt is too tight, out! And the memories! I catalogue my memories by the clothes I wear. I drag the summers down to the cedar closet in the basement this time of year. And the shoes I keep upstairs all year long. I got a kick out of your shoe analysis. Yes. my husband has had to be my crutch by wearing too cute shoes. Foot Solutions has shoes for us. They are cute, but comfortable. Or I just wear my Uggs. Dorky at this point, but definitely comfortable!


  8. What we can’t wear bright colors in winter? All these years and no one said a word…no wonder shunned….
    I shifted the 3 fall colored t shirts to the front and Hawaiian shirts back a bit. Pulled out some long sleeved stuff…but shoes? We have to move shoes around? Life is getting too complicated. Mother was right: 2 pairs of shoes, one for dress and one for play. (we had very small closets. and that way those wore out and you got new shoes seasonally…so maybe there was a method to her madness?)
    Now not only ironing to do , shoe culling waiting…sigh..wait Molly needs a walk!


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