Random five for October 5

Courtesy of USA Today

Courtesy of USA Today

Call papa bear – Maybe you have seen those ads with Peyton Manning in his new Buick using the voice recognition system. Mine doesn’t work like his. In fact, mine doesn’t always work. I long for the days when I could press buttons to change radio stations. I could get killed if I use my recognition system while driving. For me it takes concentration which is better saved for the road. (For the record, my car came with it. I didn’t really want it.)

car radioThe end, Fini – I know you are sick of hearing about my computer issues. Me too. They are over – mostly. Seems that my big issues happened when I downloaded my documents and pictures from my (obviously non-compatible) back-up hard drive. Something was overwritten (or so “they” say) and fubarred my Outlook program. Now I am learning the nuances of the new operating system and new Office Suite. Not exactly happy but I’ll get there. I should be reimbursed for the extra Starbucks mocha lattes it took to get through this and the new worry wrinkles it gave. For a spot of humor – I asked my techie god Rob what I should do to wipe my files off my old system. He suggested a hammer. Whatta guy!

Maybe there is such a thing as a free lunch – When I get together with friends, it’s usually a group. We get rowdy and have fun but at the end of the day you don’t always connect on a personal level. Sometimes you don’t connect with anyone but you had a good time. Because of conflicts I have had the luxury of one-on-one lunches with two friends. Woo hoo!

A reunion of sorts – The women folk in my family had lunch this week. (Yes, this was a group lunch but it was good.) There wasn’t a lot of news (which is great because at our age news isn’t always good). My relative who was diagnosed with cancer last year is back to work and the prognosis is good. All the kids are doing well. What more can you ask for?

alphabet soupThe blind leading the blind – In my work life I oversaw benefits (including medical) packages. Medicare with its alphabet soup approach is particularly confusing. I am always amazed at people who seek out other people for advice. Selecting a plan is very personal depending on your own medical conditions and how you use your benefits. Your exercise buddy is not the right person to ask for advice. There are professionals that can help.

So how was your week?

31 thoughts on “Random five for October 5

  1. Worth repeating about medicare decisions: “Your exercise buddy is not the right person to ask for advice. There are professionals that can help.” Hello!!

    I hate this time of year; so many decisions to make. But I appreciate your humorous outlook on it. Thank you. You made me smile. 🙂


  2. I know what you mean about changing the radio station. My new Toyota has a couple of possibilities. First, I can use the touch screen. Only “touch” really means “push hard.” (Or maybe I’m unusually weak.) Then there are some arrows on the steering wheel. If I can get used to using them, I can keep my eyes on the road.

    Maybe Rob wasn’t kidding when he said to use a hammer to wipe your files off the old system.

    My week was good. Friday my daughter flew over for business. Before she went back we had time to walk around Green Lake, eat out at Caravan Kebob with her friend, have lunch the next day at a Thai restaurant with my friends, take an evening walk around my neighborhood, and read the “Good News” section of Huffington Post.


    • I just found the arrows on the wheel. Much better than the touch screen which always scrolls for me. Rob wasn’t kidding, he was serious. Business trips that can double to see Mom are wonderful!


  3. I got a wireless mouse for my desktop yesterday. And a new mouse pad. Now my computer is a good as new. 😛

    I enjoy one-on-one lunches the best. With two-on-two lunches (two couples) close behind. Big groups are fun, but not for “real conversation.”

    Voice recognition stories are a hoot. Including the one shared above by Elyse who could not place her call to Monaco.


  4. Computers 😦 I’m convinced they build them to ‘self-annihilate’ on a certain day. In our family of four we buy new laptops every 18months or so because they just die. Poof. Gone. Glad to your relative is back at work 🙂 My week was busy but good (if I can get a couple of hours hiking in the forest or mountains it’s a good week) 😀


  5. Computers always foul up — the idea of depending on them to do vital functions like open a door, etc. is just nuts. For example, on Friday, I told Siri to call “Monaco Pizza” a local pizzaria on my way home from work. “Elyse,” she said, “I can’t call restaurants in Monaco!” Oy.


  6. I miss the buttons (not on the steering wheel ones – I sprained a thumb joint with that. Husband so thrilled with voice potential….now it’s a source of stress as apparently they speak different languages…please. Let me out at the next corner…)
    Glad computer training is working – (for either you or it whichever is doing the training…almost sounds like training cats….)
    The alphabet soup is confusing – going to be forced to spoon into it fairly quickly…ugh. It’s not chicken.


  7. that whole voice recognition thing doesn’t work on my phone, either … either that, or I apparently speak a different language when talking to my phone, because when I talk-to-text on my phone, I’m often befuddled by what appears on the screen (although sometimes it’s mildly amusing).


    • After I wrote this, my husband showed me a newspaper article that says the car voice recognition is not working as well as it should. There are problems with noise levels. My system is a bit complicated too. I have a screen that I have to tap and even though my fingers are small, I either tap the wrong thing or the whole thing scrolls. Very frustrating.


      • Sounds dangerous – the more technology they build into our vehicles, the more we end up tangling with getting ANYTHING to work in the way we intended, and we’re supposed to be able to do this while we’re driving? One of my sisters is technologically gifted, and I’ve seen her multi-task in several different directions while driving. Even though she’s quite adept at it, to be honest, it still makes me nervous when I’m riding with her. I’d much prefer she just DRIVE. 🙂


        • I know my limitations. I have enough trouble talking and driving. I cannot try to figure out something without getting distracted and driving into a tree. These hands free things need to be made simpler or else they need to come with classes for the techie challenged individuals.


  8. I think it wouldn’t be out of the question to bill for those lattes…
    There are so many things to comment on, but the one jumping out ahead of all others is the woman who’s back at work. I’ll tell you…I learned the hard way, nothing trumps health.
    Very happy for her, and you because you’re doing so well with your new computer…strides have been made.


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