I have the power or Microsoft listened!

Courtesy of Microsoft

Courtesy of Microsoft

In today’s paper (yes, I read a real paper version) Microsoft announced the release of its new Windows 10 operating system which will have a real start button. (Yay for start buttons!)

If you have read my posts for the past two weeks, you know I am struggling with my new computer. More directly the struggle is with the Windows 8.1 operating system.

OMG! They must read my blog. I am convinced that my pithy comments carried some weight. At least that is what I told the beloved husband *eye roll.*

Perhaps they will include me in beta testing. Wouldn’t that be cool? I could advise them on how 60-somethings use computers.

No chuckling here. I have magnificent spreadsheets on landscaping plants, medications and vitamin supplements! We are a lot savvier than most people imagine.

Just today I volunteered to show the beloved husband how to keep “0’s” in the zip codes on address spreadsheets.

In my darkest hour, when I was searching to buy a Windows 8.1 paper manual (which Microsoft does not make by the way) there was one targeted to seniors. I read the reviews. Many of them were along the lines of “Do they think we are idiots?” “I know where the start button is and I know it won’t work unless it’s on” and of course the old “this is demeaning for seniors.”

This could develop. Perhaps I should have brunch with Bill and Melinda. I can give my feedback over a nice mocha latte.

Of course I’ll have my smart phone with me just in case Apple gives a better offer.

I am updating my vocabulary so I don’t call everything “thingy.” After all I want to appear professional.

I’m here and I’m available. Call me!

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35 thoughts on “I have the power or Microsoft listened!

  1. I’d been considering switching to a newer program but after your experience? Ha, I think I’m just going to hang on. Too much stress involved and if I had brunch w/anyone smarter than me (that’s most everyone) I’d be most uncomfortable…probably would feel like a real loser. You’re clever to make headway, congratulations!


    • I can’t speak for the Apple computers but if you’re thinking Microsoft, wait for Windows 10 to come out. They are fixing a lot of the issues on the 8.1 model. When it comes to eating, I can go at it with the best of them. Food is an equalizer!


  2. I’m rooting for you, Kate. Order a pumpkin muffin or pumpkin cheesecake while you’re at it – unless, of course, that’s not your thing.

    As you know, I gave up on Windows 8 and switched to a Mac laptop. I still have my Windows 7 desktop. So it’s not too late to convince me that Microsoft can do it my way. 😉


  3. I’m happy for you. But I have to tell you that as much as I admire Bill + Melinda as good people, I’m all about the iMac because there seem to be less probs understanding how to use them. Maybe when you have brunch with B + M you could broach that subject, kind of feel them out on why Apple computers are so much easier to use than Microsoft! 😉


    • Will do. I was so committed to Microsoft for consistency during my working years that I fear changing to something totally different would be traumatic. Yeah, I know. I couldn’t be more traumatic than this last ride.


      • Oh I’m sure that you’ll learn how to use your new computer, but next time maybe an iMac will call to you. Which in my limited experience with computers, means much less stress. That being said, hang in there, darling. You’ll get it.


  4. What happened to Windows 9? We’re going to skip from 8 to 10? It sounds like you’re doing a good job, Kate. I have such little patience for these things.

    Since Bill and Melinda are involved with charity now, you’ll have to sit down with … Wait. Let me look up his name. Ah, there it is: The chief executive of Microsoft is Satya Nadella. Not quite such a household name.


  5. I’m one of those people that held on to Windows XP for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. In my humble opinion, everything that came after has been less than satisfactory. I haven’t had the unpleasant experience of tangling with 8.1 yet (yeah!), but I’m impressed with your obvious influence and pull. Surely they will be calling you for brunch any day now. 🙂


  6. When I heard the announcement of the new operating system I thought of you! You did it! Millions of people should be thanking you, Kate. I honestly think Microsoft could learn a lot by talking to you. We are still a formidable market and demeaning our intelligence isn’t a good marketing strategy! I think you’ve been incredibly forceful and determined to get answers. I’m glad Bill is reading your blog…he learned something!


  7. Apparently they realized users were livid and if they were able left for a computer experience that didn’t always end in cursing and throwing things. Computer programers: just because you can, doesn’t mean you should….and how about rather than layering “new”/”updates” on top of problematic features, just eliminate the old bad – shall I be nice and say “mis-steps”. Fix the darn thing from the bottom up…and maybe I’ll come back…
    Perhaps have someone in the actual age group assigned to write the guide?….always a good idea to use one who knows something about the subject write about the subject. (Know that is an odd concept in the “everyone’s a winner” world)
    (How dare you criticize them…the helicopter and re-education swat team is on the way…stand next to Gates…he can explain it all…)
    Cheers for your success in changing face of computing! (or at least blogging – giggles)


  8. Good luck with the brunch with Bill and Melinda. May I suggest you ask for his cell number so you can call him direct each and EVERY time you have a concern so he fully appreciates your pain! 🙂


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