The poop scoop

This post is about a really bad cat day. Really bad. If you are at all squeamish you may want to pass. If you are tough; have had kids or pets (they both poop); or work in healthcare; this will make you feel good because it wasn’t your day.

Cat mistake-sammythesupercat-blogspotEven cats have a bad day every now and then. Maybe lunch didn’t settle or that paw that needed cleaning had some extra fur on it. It doesn’t matter. If you have enough cats, you are going to have bad cat days too.

I hate when it happens all in one day. Maybe they conspire to commit their atrocities together so there isn’t enough energy to be annoyed at any one cat.

Over the weekend I had one of those days. Yes, this is right after the pond project when my back was not talking to me and my energy left for destinations unknown.

The day started off nice enough. Weather was good. Nothing had to be done. (Don’t you just love those kinds of Sundays? I do!) Things were going great until early evening.

Clean up in Aisle 1 — When I started prepping for the cats’ dinner, I saw a pooter scooter on the rug. That happens when an animal can’t clean their rear and rubs it on something. Rugs are their favorite because they have a soft roughness that aids in the cleaning. Dogs are a lot more likely to do this than cats. What you have is a streak of poo to clean up.

Cartoon by John Wagner for Hallmark

Cartoon by John Wagner for Hallmark

What’s that sound on TV? – Later I heard that dreaded sound. It was a soft hacking nearby. I tried to convince myself it was the football game but the beloved husband said, “Someone barfed here.” What a barf it was! Strategically placed so we would walk in it see it on our way to bed.

I smell something and it isn’t good – I didn’t see Mollie for a while so I had a suspicion that she was the pooter scooter. Cats are very clean. She probably watched me clean it up from behind something so she knew I wasn’t happy. She chose to stay hidden until it was time for her TV rub.

She jumped up on my lap and I thought I would pass out. There was no doubt that she had a problem and she wasn’t able to fix it. There was a massive turd mashed in her long hind fur.

There is no easy way to get that out. It means a bath. Cats don’t like baths. She yodeled through the whole thing but she was clean and sweet-smelling at the end (pun intended).

Whenever one cat yells, the others all creep around trying see what’s going on. You have to be careful or you will trip on them. There were four cats (one in the laundry sink and three trying to investigate) in a very small laundry room. (This is one of those Keystone Cops moments when you question your sanity.)

I wouldn’t call it a perfect end to a perfect day but I should be good in the cat crisis department for several weeks.

However the beloved husband’s football team lost and I spend another hour on the phone with Dell for my ailing new computer.

Other than all that it was a wonderful Sunday.


21 thoughts on “The poop scoop

  1. Your cat essays are too much…love the Keystone Cops image because you’re right…they are nosy by nature and protective of their brethren even if under normal circumstances can’t stand one other. Suddenly they’re unionized when one is in peril.
    Never heard of a pooper scooter…so funny…well not for the one who has to scrub the rug. And I’ve seen one in action. OOH…and it must hurt a little dragging one’s furry butt along those rough fibers…but cat hygiene is more important, and like my mother, who was certifiable, used to say…you have to suffer to be beautiful…or scooter free in a cat’s case.

    Truly funny!!!


  2. I have never seen a cat do the scoot! The poor thing really wasn’t feeling well at all! I love my pets and tolerate a lot, but when it comes to a day like you just described, and we’ve had them, I wonder why I put myself through it! I may have thought the same about my kids, but it’s been so long since they were little and helpless that I have forgotten. I hope I was patient!


  3. I am sorry your quiet Sunday did not quite turn out the way you expected! Unfortunately I have experienced some of the bad cat days with my cats over the years. The worst is smashed poop on a long-haired cat! Oh, well, we love them anyway and they don’t have to clean up after us. May your week go better!


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