I won’t grow up!


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Don’t wanna grow up! Never! Sometimes I am amazed at how childish I can be. You know…the eye rolls in back of someone or the dramatics performed where the person can’t exactly see them but has a sense they are … Continue reading

The poop scoop


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This post is about a really bad cat day. Really bad. If you are at all squeamish you may want to pass. If you are tough; have had kids or pets (they both poop); or work in healthcare; this will … Continue reading

Unsolved mystery | For Animal Lovers Only


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It was 4 a.m. when I heard that dreadful noise. Arghhhh! Maybe I’m still sleeping? No, I don’t think so. The beloved husband is snoring loudly but that is not unusual. A cat check shows that Mollie is sleeping where … Continue reading