Time wasters


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When I get to the pearly gate (yes, I’m going there! No snickering please) I wonder what I will regret most. Actions (probably not) or those things that you do because you have to or you should. Wasted time when … Continue reading

Regrets – I have a few


Thinking more about end of life situations where you examine your life and regret things you didn’t do, here are somethings that I regret doing. Exercise – I hate it and resent doing it. If I die anytime soon, I … Continue reading

Random 5 for April 23 – BeeGees, feet, life, seasons, death


For a split second, I was 20 again (ok, maybe 30)! – We watched the BeeGee commemorative special last weekend. Just hearing that music again made me want to dance! Music can stir up such strong memories! I woke up every … Continue reading