Own it! Or suffer the stink eye!


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I hate excuses. My mother never tolerated them. Not even mitigating circumstances. You did it, you own it. So what if you were double dog dared. If you are stupid enough to take that on, you deserve the consequences. You … Continue reading

Sassy cats – The blame game


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Morgan gets blamed for most things. There is a reason for that. She does most of the naughty things that happen here. Broken vases, that’s Morgan. Rearranged centerpieces, that’s Morgan. Noseprints on the kitchen window, Morgan again. Spilled glasses, that’s … Continue reading

It’s not me!


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How many times did you say that when you were a kid? Especially right after you did something you shouldn’t have. It was the first phrase I learned. Right after Mommy and Daddy. It never worked for me. I tried … Continue reading