Sassy cats – The blame game

Morgan gets blamed for most things.

There is a reason for that. She does most of the naughty things that happen here.

Broken vases, that’s Morgan.

Rearranged centerpieces, that’s Morgan.

Noseprints on the kitchen window, Morgan again.

Spilled glasses, that’s the beloved husband! (Cleary Morgan doesn’t do everything.)

Just like with people, sometimes we blame the wrong pet.

I owe Morgan an apology.

palm chewed upMy cats don’t eat plants except for cat grass or so I thought. Last week I noticed that the palm tree I am wintering over has some chewed fronds. It’s right in back of the chair that Morgan sleeps on. It doesn’t take a detective to figure this out…or does it.

Here is a photo I snapped of the “perpetrator.” Looks a lot like sweet innocent Mollie.

Mollie chewing on palm fronds: "They'll think Morgan did this and she'll be in trouble!"

Mollie chewing on palm fronds: “They’ll think Morgan did this and she’ll be in trouble!”

She skedaddled as soon as she saw me, snickering all the way.

Mollie: "Gotta get outta here. Busted!"

Mollie: “Gotta get outta here before I’m busted!”


42 thoughts on “Sassy cats – The blame game

  1. Didn’t she know camera surveillance is everywhere these days? And I hear cat owners are becoming notorious for candid photos. Mollie belonging to a cat owner really should have exercised more caution. Not that I’m advocating that she enter into a life a of crime, you understand.

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  2. I hope you were able to explain to Morgan how a negative reputation develops over time and then we occasionally get blamed for something we didn’t do–just because of that reputation! This is a good object lesson for Morgan to learn! 🙂 You really have to keep an eye on your mischievous menagerie!

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  3. I don’t have plants in the house. But Lily rips apart paper. So I often find piles of confetti where the pile of bills was.
    My fault really. Its not like I couldn’t have put them in a drawer. She is just trying to teach me to be neater.
    Anyway, I’m sure that’s how she rationalizes it.

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  4. Ah, plants. I used to have quite a few. Not any more! My two fur babies will eat and kill anything I bring in. They have even attacked fake flowers! I don’t know which one it is, but I think it is both!

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    • I don’t usually have trouble unless it looks like grass. In cat minds palm fronds look like grass. Mollie does like to have a chew on fake flowers. I used to have beautiful silk arrangements on the dining room table. Not anymore. Now I have ceramic chickens with get moved around.


  5. Snorts with piggy laughter. Of course sometimes the wrong person or anipal gets blamed from time to time. It happens. I mean heck, I blame daddy every chance I can for anything. XOXO – Bacon

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  6. Yup, they are sneaky little things. We used to blame everything on Minh, who is most often the perpetrator of arguments in the house, until Annie came along. Now they split the task!

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      • Annie is young so she likes to play, and doesn’t always care if the older cats aren’t interested. She is also a bit of a bully with one of our cats who acts scared all the time, and so gets bullied easily. Always interesting watching cat hierarchies.


        • Morgan occasionally bullies Mollie because Mollie will run. Hazel just sits and looks at her so that’s no fun. With Annie’s sad start in life, it’s good to see her rebound so well.


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