Random 5 for March 13 – Weather, fogs, verandas, Facebook, best place to work

One of our trees blooming prematurely!

One of our trees blooming prematurely!

Woo hoo summer came a callin’ – After an unusually warm winter we had a peep of summer. We set records – mega records. Like 30 degrees higher than normal records. (Our normal now is 50 degrees and we hit 80+ this past week.) It was great to peel off clothes. Then I saw a pasty white body. Time to get the self-tanner out. Well, maybe. Temps are going down but will still remain a good 10 degrees higher than normal. It’s March trying to be May.

Everyone’s frisky – The warm weather brought out the frogs. They were croaking to their lady love (I’m telling them it’s a little early but you know kids, they never listen. Wine ordered and Barry White concert scheduled.).

Dinner on the veranda! – We set a record. The screened porch is set up for summer. Furniture is out with cushions and we had our first dinner on the veranda! (Doesn’t that sound so much more civilized than porch?) We’ve never done it so early.

Unfriend me? – One of the first people who “friended” me on Facebook was a woman I knew slightly from 15 years ago. We weren’t friends and I hadn’t seen or heard from her since. I accepted. She uses FB as a pity place posting “I’m having a bad day” or “please pray for me” or “need a job, got any leads.” There was never a follow-up (like I got a job or thanks for your thoughts) although she might post “Mondays suck” which made me think she found a job and was already complaining. I eliminated notifications and only saw her stuff in my feed. One day she lashed out at her “FB friends” accusing us of not supporting her. She threatened to unfriend anyone who hasn’t been supportive (which I think means replying “poor baby” or something similar). That was about four months ago. I just realized I don’t see her anymore. She must have unfriended me. Imagine that? A caring sensitive person like me? She never commented on anyone else’s page or responded to any questions. Sayonara baby!

Best place to work! – My last company (before I retired) was awarded the best mid-sized company to work for in my area. I couldn’t be prouder. When I started working there it was an “old boys’ club.” Over the years the management changed out and employee-friendly programs were put in place. It wasn’t always easy. Change isn’t but it is worth it. Congrats to all who work there.

So how was your week?

55 thoughts on “Random 5 for March 13 – Weather, fogs, verandas, Facebook, best place to work

  1. I can just imagine how thrilling it would be to have an early summer! Delightful to think of eating on the veranda in March! Apparently all the little creatures, frogs included, are enjoying this lovely outdoor time as well. 🙂


  2. Yep, sounds like it’s almost time to paint the skin orange. here’s to beautiful nights under the stars and tickets to the croaking concerts. Life’s good. And you didn’t have to tip the waiter when you went out to the veranda. Those sidewalk cafes are the best. As for Facebook Floozy, I suspect she’ll be missed—not. And it’s always good to hear there are still places out there who are great to their employees.

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  3. The weather is turning warmer here in New England and we’ll be putting out the patio furniture soon. Yesterday, we were raking leaves from the garden so the crocus and daffodils could sun themselves. Double Wooo hooo!


  4. Your unfriending friend is the poster child for why I left FB. I’ll tolerate clueless people in real life if I have to, but no way am I intentionally going somewhere online where they congregate. You’re better off not knowing her, but you know that already. 😉


    • I never figured out how she found me. I hardly knew her and it had been a decade earlier. I’ve become more savvy. I don’t friend just anyone anymore. I’ve gotten requests from people that I don’t know at all. Very strange place.

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      • Until the election is over I am only commenting on cute newborn puppies or cute human babies on Facebook. I have to go there to help promote the community theater I work in. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time.


  5. Dinner of the veranda sounds great! Glad summer came early for you and the frogs. I hate the whiners (personal and political) also. Reading blogs is more productive some days although I have come across a few blogs that were filled with pity. My week has been good. Spring break has started so the beaches will be full but the weather has started out with plenty of sun. Cheers!


  6. What a cheerful conglomeration of bits and pieces this week, Kate. Romantic frogs and self tanner and warm temperatures, plus dining on the veranda (agreed – veranda is so much more civilized and fancier than porch). Bet it was lovely, especially if the frogs were providing the music.

    Had to laugh about the unfriending, especially since I just recently unfriended several people who had a habit of (a) whining, (b) complaining, (c) using one too many expletives, or (d) boring me half to death with photos of their latest bowl of cereal. But seriously, having someone chastise their FB followers for failing to be supportive? What? Did I forget to read that somewhere in the small print about how FB works? Sorry if my pom-poms weren’t shaking enough, or my “poor you” comments weren’t frequent enough, but who has time for all that business? Unfriend away!

    And congrats about the company your worked with. Sounds like it has continued to improve. The company I was most proud of working for, sadly, seems to be heading in the other direction. Lots of outsourcing, and lots of rescinding and reducing of employee benefits. What a shame. They were once the beacon of what it looks like to have happy and loyal employees, and now it seems they’ve become just another company running on chasing the bottom dollar. Phooey.


  7. Like you, I stay on Facebook to keep up with my nieces and their kids but I think we’re all sick of the political posts in particular because I rarely see posts from them there. I started posting on Instagram and found them all there. Now it’s just pictures and no words.


  8. Kinda makes ya wanna be a frog, doesn’t it? Romance…Maybe you could talk one into giving a lecture. I’d surely attend.

    Yes, the warm weather….I was in ecstasy in a blazer and no socks. Life sure doesn’t get better than that.

    As far as Facebook goes, she clearly forgot to take her meds.


  9. We have brilliant sunshine today, the doors are open on the helm and bow, we are both in shirtsleeves, and I’m working on my tan (well, the arms may go a little pink from not wearing a jumper when walking the dog). Everyone’s mood has lifted, the water is going down, andSpring is definitely in the air. Hurrah!!

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  10. Oh…I loath the FB pity people. “I’m so sick…” Well, get off FB and go to bed. My only conclusion is those people don’t receive attention from their loved ones. I enjoy blogging much more than FB. Your tree is beautiful, Kate! Enjoy that veranda. I believe the warm stretch s predicted to continue. Yay!


  11. Ah, Facebook. Some people think it’s a place to share funny stuff, some people use it for rants, some people for kitten pictures, some for politics. Now I use it for all of the above and undoubtedly offend everyone. (But the only reason I joined was to see my nieces and nephews, since I live so far away.)

    Just be grateful the trash took itself out, I guess.


    • She was the only one I found truly annoying. She did post the occasional great recipe though. If there’s something I’m not interested in, I can scroll by. One of my other annoyances is that I see the same thing over and over as friends share from other friends. Yikes!

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