Random 5 for August 23 – Fall, pumpkin, self-soothers, construction, water


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Something about August – The weather is still hot but there is that fall feel in the air. It’s still in the 70s when we get up so it has nothing to do with the weather. Usually there are back … Continue reading

Random 5 for August 15 – Birthdays, cars, Hindenburg, deliveries, eye witness


Happy birthday Dad! — Today is my dad’s birthday. He would be well over a 100 if he were alive. He played the accordion. I always wished I had a photo of him playing. It ain’t red – I finally … Continue reading

Random 5 for August 8 – Pandemic, restaurants, off the list, gorilla man, cats


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What will you keep from the pandemic? — I thought about that question and for sure take-out. It’s cheaper because you don’t order drinks and it’s quieter at home. You also can take your time. No one is waiting for … Continue reading