Random 5 for April 23, 2022 – Robins, weirdos, projects, surprises, trees


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Hello? – We have an arched window over the front door. Yesterday I saw this robin looking in. He was standing on the outside ledge. He did a lot of walking up and down and peering. First time I saw … Continue reading

Not so Random 5 for April 17, 2022 — Kitchen pictures


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I promised you pictures of my new kitchen after everything was complete. It’s finished. Window treatments, new carpet, new furniture, it’s all in. Thanks for listing to my almost constant whining about everything that went wrong or threatened to.

Random 5 for April 10, 2022 – Flooding, disappointments, contractors, death, flowers


The downside – Our development is surrounded by fields and meandering streams. There is a downside to meandering streams. They flood. It doesn’t affect our house, but it does affect the roads we travel. We had three inches of rain … Continue reading