Sassy cats – The Sasha and Gus show

It’s Sasha and Gus today. Gracie went to the casino. She’s having a hissy fit because the peep ran out of rotisserie chicken again! What ev!

Gracie: How could she run out of rotisserie chicken?

It was a wonderful Valentine’s Day. My man cat Gus gave me a nice face wash and let me eat some of his dinner. He’s the best. We snuggled on the peep’s bed which is the softest spot in town!

We got the new carpet. Here is Morgan saying goodbye to the old one!

Morgan: Goodbye old friend. You survived hairballs, cat fights and lots of treats!

Hope your Valentine’s Day was as great as mine!

Until next time, have a great week!

53 thoughts on “Sassy cats – The Sasha and Gus show

    • I took pictures but it’s kind of bland. It’s cream-taupe tones muddles in a spattery pattern (that’s the best I can do). The colors are so close that it doesn’t show up in a picture. Maybe when the furniture comes and it’s all put together.

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