Sassy cats – Week one of “The Diet”

Morgan: I am not the chonker!

Gracie here. The house is in turmoil. Chonkers! Sasha and Gus are chonkers!

The vet visit was not kind. Sasha gained five pounds (in three years) and Gus three (in one year). Morgan booked in an extra two.

Sasha called it was covid weight but the vet gave her the stink eye. We didn’t know vets could do stink eye. I haven’t been to the vet yet (my turn is coming) but I am still a svelte 7 to 8 pounds.

After much discussion, everyone except me is on a diet. Putting cats on a diet is like herding them. Impossible when you have multiples (and any person in their right mind would have multiples!).

First there was the cutting back on treats. That wasn’t too bad because it was a slow cutback. The vet suggested limiting dry kibble. I vetoed that because I like dry kibble best and I like to graze during the day. The problem is that when it’s out for free feeding, everyone else grazes too (and the pounds pile on).

So….I get a small amount of kibble at meal times along with some wet. The other cats get all wet food.

I like to dine. This isn’t fast food. No rushing – eat some, check out the birds in the tree, go back for another bite, maybe a potty run. There is no food left when I go back. The peep has tried giving me smaller, more frequent meals. She says this is turning into a full time job. I’m so worth it!

Yesterday I got kibble at 7 a.m. but I didn’t finish it so Sasha did. I had sad eyes around 10 so the peep gave me a small helping. I didn’t really want any (hehe you have to test the peep sometimes) so Gus finished it. Then there was some at lunch. Morgan ate that. I’m the only one on the dang diet!

This week was a diet disaster but the peep will continue to try new things.  Us cats will try to trick her at every turn.

Slightly blurry but here is synchronized sleeping by the chonks!

Everyone here wishes you all a great weekend.


58 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Week one of “The Diet”

  1. Gracie – you are a smart gal to stay so slim and trim and I’m sure the others secretly envy your looks. Morgan may have only gained two pounds according to the vet, but is she showing off her slimmish physique by posing in front of the afghan/throw with the cat fishing?

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  2. This is my experience. Only Her Calico highness has lost 3 lbs in 3 years. When I first noticed it I blamed the 2 ochonkers in the room. I separated her food to another room. But she kept losing. She seemed more energetic so I thought thyroid. Two tests later and its not thyroid. Now she’s going to get a $700 ultrasound next week. I’m not sure if I hope they find nothing or if I will feel cheated if they find nothing

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    • Jake (RIP) lost a lot of weight. When I took him in, he was diabetic. He did very well on insulin for 9 years. I wish you well with the testing. Mollie had an ultrasound, x-ray, blood tests. After all that she died.


  3. Just back from vacation so trying to catch up on posts! Ahhhh yes….the ever familiar diet situation with cats. IMPOSSIBLE (almost). Teddy is on a diet and it’s not pretty but they DO adjust for the most part and DO lose some weight – although maybe not as much as the vets would like us to. It’s not easy as those “sad eyes” our cats give us are tough to resist. Good luck. It’s a tough road to travel. LOL

    Hugs, Pam

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    • We are now into around day 4. At first the cats didn’t notice much. Now they do. I’m getting sad eyes from everyone. The challenge is to make sure Gracie gets her fair share without overfeeding the rest. The good side effect is that I’m not throwing out wet food. Without available dry kibble they eat every morsel of wet they get. Hope your vacation was fabulous! We had good weather here so hopefully you did too.


  4. Oh yes, diets suck. Maybe you could just hide the Chonkers’ stuff and make them run more looking for it. Or they could take a Pawlates class? It’s a shame they keep eating your food! Well, good luck with it all. Dieting is hard.

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  5. Sasha and Gus are living the good life, to the consternation and frustration of the rest of the family. I do hope you have a good weekend. Rest and let your creative juices figure out how to solve this dilemma! It is a doozy of a pet problem.

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  6. Sorry about the diets for most of you. I saw on another blog there is a feeder that is activated by a microchip so only the one cat can have access- you need that.

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  7. Dieting isn’t easy for anyone. Jack used to be a grazer but lately, he has been wiping the bowl clean in one stop. Maybe he changed his habit because Teddy used to eat what he left, but now I pick up Jack’s bowl when he leaves it.

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    • Poor Gracie. I’m not keeping any dry kibble out today. She likes to eat a few pieces every couple of ours and it’s not happening. Eventually she will come and rub against my ankles to let me know she’s very disappointed in me.


      • Maybe this is a learning experience on Gracie’s part. If she gets what she wants by rubbing you, hasn’t she solved HER problem? I’m not addressing the fact that you might not always get up immediately to satisfy her demand.

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  8. OhMyGosh, I am dying here… dy-ing! Gracie you are leading a charmed life to be exempt from the diet. Unfortunately I am in the chonker club with Sasha and Gus. Your Peep… I am going to feel her pain and befuddlement over how to make this diet work. Tell your Peep I “am all in” supporting her… I know she is going to do this because she loves the Chonkers and wants them healthy. But someBODY is gonna have to mix up a batch of margaritas for the Peep and your Peep is going to have to have her Starbucks! Let the Chonker club get down to business and buy the Peep some Patience pants because I know she is going to need them!

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