Sassy cats — What I did during Tropical Depression Ida

Gracie here: The peep said that one of the first assignments when you returned to school was to talk about your vacation. We are cats and as such, are always on vacation. We did have a HUGE storm blow through this past week. All peeps were crazy but this is what we did during the storm.

I had to make sure I had enough energy to help afterward so I napped.

Here is Morgan cutting zzz’s.

This is an older picture because the new one of Gus napping was ruined. He flipped his eyes open just as the camera clicked. Douchebag! Trust me. He was deep in lalaland during the storm.

Sasha recharging

Hope you were able to ride out the storms (and wildfires and all the rest of the terrible things). We all wish you a great weekend!


41 thoughts on “Sassy cats — What I did during Tropical Depression Ida

  1. Geez Kate, I liked and forgot to comment. My head is cob webby! Glad you had no leaks in the house, especially the basement. No basements here so we always look up! Always looking for roof leak when something tropical comes to town. I wish I could snooze like the Sassy Cats when tropical stuff blows through… I am usually a crankier cranky. Just glad the new house did well and you all are okay!

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  2. Teddy hid in the basement during the windy and HARD rain portion of Ida moving through here. We marveled at how HARD the rain was and also kept saying “we’re so glad we live on a HILL” !!!! The tornados stayed away from us but there was one elsewhere in Virginia and one in Maryland. EEEK.

    Hugs, Pam

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  3. Good to hear the storm and flooding spared you a big mess in your new home. All we got was some wind and rain but nothing like other places in the south. And today it is a cool 81* with humidity at 37%. Actually got a 4-mile walk today. First long walk since early July.

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  4. That was one wild day here. The dogs, having to go without walks, were not happy campers!! And the basement took on a good bit of water…sigh. But minor problems compared to folks down South.

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