More odds and ends

The contractor finished a second small project yesterday. He was here three days for what was estimated to be a single day job. There was no scope creep but the usual surprises that come with a home that isn’t new or level.

The last job was in our bedroom. That meant putting plastic down everywhere (except the work area) and cleaning up every day. Every. Single. Day. Contractors “broom clean” the larger debris but I’m not sleeping with sawdust. I have my standards!

That same contractor will replace a window for us before the kitchen work gets done. He calls it a one-day job but we all know how that goes.

I was productive myself, painting yet another room. A big regret is not having the whole house painted BEFORE we moved in. I didn’t realize how pink based the tan color was until it didn’t play nice with my stuff.

Today is saved for a good cleaning and pushing paperwork around. The end of Ida is sweeping through. No storms but heavy rains. Without the wind and flooding, the rain is peaceful. I filled the feeders for the birds so everyone is happy.

I walked with my walking partner this week. That was the first time in months. She is a very young and spry 86. You would peg her at about 65.  Taking care of an ailing husband who is dying, is aging her. I don’t think I said more than 50 words in the 45 minutes I walked with her. I have a lot of compassion for her but I know not to take on her burden. She doesn’t want solutions. She’s smart enough to know the right things to do. Sometimes she’s not strong enough to break through roadblocks (created by her cantankerous husband) but she also knows that. I walked away with a sadness that I was able to shake off. We are going to try to walk at least weekly. It will be therapy for her to see and talk to people.

I’m keeping my expectations for today low. Maybe kick back a little or keep the accomplishments to a minimum. I love a good rainy day.

56 thoughts on “More odds and ends

  1. Hope the house renovations are continuing on OK in spite of things going much longer than was anticipated! Also hope you guys are doing all right with the storm! You are so kind to walk and listen with your friend. I’m sure you are doing her a world of good – and good for you for setting boundaries. Hugs!

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  2. I am sure that walking weekly with your friend is a tremendous gift to her. You have a very healthy outlook on your own emotional boundaries, and sometimes that can be hard for me. But it does allow a person to stay supportive much longer.

    I do hope your home projects will wrap up soon! It’s got to be a lot of wear and tear on you. But should be well worth it! 🙂

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  3. Walking with your friend and just listening is a great gift. She may have family to talk to, but there are sometimes things that need to be said to clear the mind that the family doesn’t need to hear. You are being a good friend and that’s what she needs.

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  4. Bless you for being a listener. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed, especially when the outcome as in this case is determined.

    You’re lucky your projects were only delayed by days. I have multiple friends whose projects have been delayed many, many months! Good luck finishing up.

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  5. It’s very kind of you to give your walking friend a chance to let it all out. We need some kindness in this old world. I understand how important your kindness will be for her. I learned over the past 15 months to keep my expectations low and then when they exceeded the low I was “jump up and down” happy! I never believe anything a contractor tells me… hahaha! Thankful that Ida behaved in your neighborhood. Rainy again here today. I would be good with that but we have to go pick out stuff for the master bath redo this afternoon.


    • Well, I spoke too soon. We had major flooding. In fact, I am “flooded in.” That wonderful stream that I walk is incredibly flooded as are some of the houses that are next to it. We are quite a bit up so we are good but the way out is closed. There are some other more circuitous ways that I don’t know yet. I need to put that on my schedule for next week — learn more roads! Contractors, ack! Even the good ones make me crazy.


  6. Being a compassionate listening ear is the best thing one can do for a friend, sometimes. Safely venting to someone can help clarify the issue for one’s self and come closer to finding solutions/making decisions, I have found. You are very wise to just listen, and not take on her burden (I struggle with the last part).


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  7. It is raining good here and it does give a peaceful feeling. We could get up to 8 inches they are saying, will see.
    So nice that you can be there for your walking friend and just let her talk. So many people just want someone to listen to them, not give answers, not fix things, just to listen. Glad that you don’t get swept into her sadness though and can shake it off. Enjoy a laid backed day!

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  8. It is so hard to resist the urge to take on another’s problems. And in today’s world, we all have plenty for ourselves without borrowing! Good that you are walking with your friend. Good that you are listening more than telling her what to do. 🙂

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