Sassy cats — Waiting

We are waiting for results of our presidential election so things are a bit quiet and tense. Crazy times for sure. This is how it looks on cats.

Gus and Sasha are trying to steal Gracie’s ribbon!

Morgan: Wake me when it’s over!

This is Morgan being pensive about it all.

We wish you all a great and peaceful weekend.

53 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Waiting

  1. I told my daughter the other day that after we get through this election-period, which thankfully took a good turn today, I must tune out so much political noise. I’ve been addicted. My solution, I told her, was to watch cat videos instead. Cats provide great distraction. I’ll get to know your cats even better, Kate. πŸ˜‰

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    • I stopped watching the news the Thursday before election day. We are a battleground state and the commercials and vitriol were insane. Even candidates running for minor positions took to smear commercials that weren’t true. Our local newspaper ran an article on one commercial that was so way off it, it should have disqualified the person running for office. She lost. I cheered.

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    • Gracie is a funny cat. When someone shows interest in whatever she’s playing with, she gets up and walks away. Any toy is more interesting to the others when someone else has it. At least that’s how the young’uns (Sasha and Gus) think.

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  2. Morgain’s fur looks so fluffy 😍 I used to have a Russian blue (just like her) and it was like petting a bunny!

    Have yourself a good weekend, too πŸ™‚

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