Sassy cats – Gracie reporting from mousegeddon

Sweet Gracie

Hi there! Gracie here. We had a wonderful week. After a year of training Sasha has become an ace mouser.

Wednesday evening the peeps were watching some nonsense on TV. (There were no cats in the program. What a waste of time!) We had a bit of a kerfuffle as to whose turn it was to bat the mousie around and there was allegedly some growling. We never growl. We like each other. Mostly. After all we are cats and we get…well…catty!

Mousie, who said mousie? We have one here? Yay!

Anyhow that intrigued the peeps who paused the nonsense program and came to investigate. They startled us and the mousie got free. Sasha was on it in a second but got distracted when the peep said something about treats. What a rube! When you have a live mousie, who needs treats? Anyhow the peep caught the mouse and took it away to the other side of the great pond.

It was so sad. We spent some time teaching Sasha about life. When you have a mousie there is no growling or anything that makes the peeps suspicious. If you do that the mousie disappears never to be seen again.

Thursday evening there was a repeat performance (different mousie) without growling. Sasha was good except that the tail on the real mousie was longer than the catnip one and the peep picked up on that right away. Mousie gone.

We are working on new rules. You can’t play with a live mousie in the family room when the peeps are there. We prefer to go there because there is a carpet. Just in case the mousie gets messy, we like to do that on carpet. The peeps like that too. You should hear them carry on in jubilation when they find a hairball on the carpet. They use words they save for special occasions.

Morgan: Sasha, I’m giving the mousie sword to you. Take it and be brave little grasshopper.

Morgan must be getting old. She oversaw the event but didn’t participate. As some of you will remember, she got a dozen mice a couple years back. Her loss and more play time for me. I’m sort of the goalie. No mousie gets away!

Did you know you can play field hockey with a mousie and you don’t need a stick. A nice soft paw will work just fine. It’s been an exhausting couple of days for everyone. The peeps are discussing what to do about too many mice. Lady peep says that’s what the cats are for. Man peep just grumbles.

Hope your weekend is filled with mousies and a catnip martini!

Note from the peeps — This crew is easier to de-mouse than the last one. Jake used to pick up the mousie in his mouth and run around the house with me chasing him. He’d drop it behind some goddawful large piece of furniture so I couldn’t get it. Then he would come out and mock me. Sasha is very sweet and lets me take it. She thinks of it as a mobile toy rather than a snack.

72 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Gracie reporting from mousegeddon

  1. I know I’m very late to this post, but the title grabbed my attention. It seems that I too have been living in Mousegeddon. Two mornings in a row I’ve found evidence of Theo’s “playful side” in the backyard. I don’t think this is a game the mice like very much.

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  2. Funny post. My cats are quite familiar with the special words as they yack on the carpet a lot- I have even more special words for when they do it on my slippers. Have a nice weekend.

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  3. This is a great story Gracie – you’ve captured all the facts and as I see ’em, the peeps are way too persnickety about y’all having a little fun. I mean, what’s the uproar about an occasional mousie or a hairball on the carpeting anyway? Peeps just lack a sense of humor sometimes. SMH!

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  4. What kind of stupid mouse
    Tries to infiltrate a house
    Populated with multiple mousers? 😯

    Glad you were able to “catch and release” them . . . using your special occasion language.

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  5. That sounds like progress! My little terrier, Nutty, used to eat half the mouse and gift me with the other half where he knew I would see it first thing in the morning.It was pretty gross. Luckily, we didn’t have many mice!

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  6. Bwahahaha…that would almost be better than watching countless reruns of past Stanley Cups games. We do love to see shutouts. Cat 2 Mouse 0
    FYI, I do think those electronic mouse deterrents need to be replaced after several years. Maybe a Chinese Mouse bought the company?

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  7. Sorry that the peeps took your fun away! Luckily (at least for us peeps here), we don’t have to deal with live mousies. But yesterday, I heard Olive crying and went to investigate. She had her toy mousie and was batting it around, probably wishing it was a real mousie.

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  8. Hi Kate, Funny how cats get “catty.” It looks like you are saving words for special occasions, not for this post. 🙂 One day I may have my daughter write a guest post about the very tiny newborn ‘mousie’ brought in by one of her cats. Spoiler alert. It is now their pet rat.

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  9. We had mice a couple years ago, and ended up putting this mesh around where the pipes come into the house and problem solved, thankfully. I know it’s fun for the cats to catch the mousies, but Yuck!!

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    • My husband put mesh around all the pipes and under the siding last fall. We thought that worked then I found an area where the mesh was pulled out. We fixed that but somehow they are still getting in. This is new in the past 5 years so I wonder if something environmentally changed.

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  10. Well I think it takes time to figure out the OPTIMAL way to practice mousing – sounds to me like Sasha is an “up and comer” ! We have never seen a mouse in the house in our 24 years here….I actually think that all the other critters out in the woods catch them well before they get close to the house. There are a LOT of hawks for one thing……they do enjoy a mousemuffin from time to time.

    Hugs, Pam

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    • We have a lot of critters too and for the first 15 years we lived here we didn’t get mice. Not sure what changed. We don’t have an outdoor cat anymore. Maybe that. We also back up to a water retention area. It used to be that they didn’t mow it often. Now they scrap the earth mowing it and I think it’s made some of the small critters moved out. We had our first snake here this year.


    • We have no idea. We installed gizmos that make a noise only mice can hear and that was effective for several years. I’m wondering if they wore out. We wouldn’t know as we can’t hear it.


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