Some observations on “new” times


In our state we are required to wear face masks when we are out and about. I’ve already complained about not being able to hear. I’ve been working on a new skill. Eye reading. The problem is that there aren’t a lot of things you can do with eyes that give a message without the entire face involved.

You can roll them all the way up and stagger backward to signify being overwhelmed. Or maybe stunned. Or shocked. Or maybe you are having a heart attack and everyone is reading it all wrong. By the way if you fall down, no one will want to touch you to help you up.

You can furrow your brow. That assumes you can furrow your brow. Some people get injections so they can’t furrow and some people have furrows so deep normally that you can’t tell if they are giving you a deeper furrow.

Dancing eyebrows are good too. Arching way up there but what does it mean? Happy to see you? You’ve got to be kidding me? I have to go to the bathroom now! Your guess is as good as mine.

Speaking of bathrooms. I have IBS so I always need to know exactly where they are and how many seconds it takes to get there. Many places have closed their bathrooms. I’m starting to take inventory of bushes. Are they big enough to hide the goods? Too flimsy so you can see through them? Is there a bee hive in the middle? (Never pee or anything else on a bee hive. It annoys them.) A good sized grave stone will work too as long as there is nothing but forest on the other side. Be careful of people with cell phones. They are very sick people.

I will never call this period of time the good old days.

60 thoughts on “Some observations on “new” times

  1. Even without a hearing impairment, talking to people wearing a mask (which most of us here do) is a bit like talking to Charlie Brown’s teacher. It’s all “wah-wah-wah” and is muffled and garbled. Some people look pretty mean with their masks on, too. Others have naked faces and they look unusually naked-faced. Ugh. These will not be the good-old-days!

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    • People in my area are compliant although not everyone wears them correctly. At least they try. When you talk a lot, they creep down. I am grateful for that too. I just don’t know what they are saying. Hopefully it’s good.


  2. LOL… funny all the way through. Though not so funny when a bathroom is no where to be found. I knew where all of them were.Now I know nothing. So I go out in blocks of time..:)

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  3. The lack of washroom facilities is definitely a deterrent for me when considering any activity. It’s one thing to be out on a relatively isolated trail, and quite another when in a public place!!

    It’s certainly become a brave, new world out there. I say ‘brave’, because one has to be in order to navigate all the new do’s and don’ts. It makes me sad for mankind that there is so much uproar by those who are angry and combative about having to wear a face mask.

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    • I responded to another comment (so excuse me if you’ve seen it) but my husband has cataract surgery next week at a location almost an hour from home. Surgery will take 2 hours. They won’t let me sit in the waiting room. I asked what they suggest. There is a shopping center about 15 minutes from them. They suggested I got there. It’s not safe sitting alone in a waiting room with my kindle but they think it’s safe for me to mingle at a shopping center or sit in my car in 100 degree weather. Whatever happened to common sense. There is a Starbucks nearby but but they closed their restroom and don’t have any chairs. I feel like I live in a third world country.

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  4. Yep – there’s NOTHING “good” about these days but there IS still something good……we can all try to hang on to our sense of humor in these tough times….those around us appreciate being able to smile and giggle even behind a mask! Thanks for my morning giggles….. 🙂

    Hugs, Pam

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  5. Hehehe! Lovely to read something humorous about this new world we are living in. Where to find a bathroom when out and about (a rare occurrence these days) is top of my list too! I’m used to “doing it” out of doors, thanks to my love of hiking, but that doesn’t work too well if you are say in a public parking lot…🤣🤣🤣


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  6. Went to the beach this morning . . . no one within 6 feet of us during our walk. Masks only required inside buildings and businesses, not on the beach.

    I haven’t had to use a public bathroom since this whole thing started. I haven’t missed them. Taps feet together, “there’s no place like home.”

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  7. Thank you for a midweek chuckle on the new normal. We don’t have a mask mandate, but it is highly suggested. Most folks are wearing one to protect themselves and others as a byproduct. I wear one, but it fogs my glasses. I’ve done every thing I’ve heard of, but I have a rather small nose and the air just goes right up to the glasses. About the bathrooms – it’s ridiculous. My husband’s golf season opened up and all was well except you have all these senior golfers and no toilets. Finally, on week three, they brought in some portapots. I’m not quite sure how they think things can ‘open up’ when the bathrooms are closed. Apparently, the folks making those rules are all under 40 with good strong bladders. 🙂

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    • I agree with you there! You would think it’s easier to clean a regular bathroom than a portapotty which always seems to scream “germs.” Sometimes my glasses fog and sometimes they don’t. It must depend on whether I have the metal piece adjust just right.

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  8. As a woman with almost nonexistent eyebrows, I cannot communicate much with my face when I am masked. As a woman with a small bladder I won’t venture far from our house for too long, thus I am doing almost nothing in the outside world. It’s a weird summer to be sure.

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    • The bathroom situation has me the most tethered. I keep my jaunts short and local. Dentist next week. Curious if they will have a moon suit on as that has to be one of the most germy expeditions you can do. I swear my hygienist all but climbs in my mouth.

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  9. We had the problem with toilets. Most of ours are located inside restaurants which were closed until last Saturday. We are comming out of lockdown and I have got an appointment for a haircut.

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  10. HAHAHA on the eye and eyebrow reading of peeps wearing masks. We spent some time in Lowe’s(no, just no) yesterday and I found myself doing that very thing. It was fascinating and it was fairly reliable as a means of reading people’s reactions. And masks were being worn by a large majority of the people. I am finding during this mask wearing time people are kinder. Dancing eyebrows!… I like that!

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    • Locally people are abiding by the rules. Most folks (unlike what you see on TV) are fearful of getting it even if it’s mild. We just don’t know enough about it yet and it keeps surprising us. I was in Starbucks this a.m. Usually there is only one other person there when I am but today it was crowded (considering the 6′ distance between everyone). I had done a mobile order but I wasn’t sure if they saw me. I locked eyes with the barista and she called me over to pick mine up. I’m lucky they know me. There were others in the mobile order line ahead of me but they must have put their order in after me.

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      • Agreed about being fearful of even the mildest form. I wish the media would publish a few pictures of our local Publix, Target, restaurants… there is a lot of mask wearing out there by young and old. Yesterday in Lowe’s there was a thirty-ish mom with three well behaved boys all wearing masks. It’s not just us oldsters wearing masks. Plenty of young people, too. I have no idea what is going on at the beaches locally and can’t be sure if pictures are current or used from months ago.

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        • The media will go for the most explosive so you don’t always get a true view of how many are going with the flow and how many are truly rebelling. My gym just opened and I’m not quite ready to go there yet but I’m keeping an eye on the feedback on FB. I can’t believe how many complain about restricted hours or mask wearing. Fortunately they are balanced by some normal peeps.

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  11. I have a problem with my sight while wearing a mask and I always try to set it new… the rule was not to toch your face, right? LOL good luck with the bushes, they can be traps… they cover from one side but are visible from a porch from the other… oooo-la-la–

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