Random 5 for July 5, 2020 – gene pool, deliveries, non-holidays, beachy, summer

Great-grandma! Aside from the PMS look, isn’t she a beauty?

Who me? – I received an email from one of the ancestry research groups telling me I have more Neanderthal genes than 56% of their other customers. OK then. Excuse me while I pick my knuckles off the ground!

That was quick – During this lock-down, deliveries have been unpredictable. I get my cat supplies from Chewy.com and they are usually wonderful. There is a warehouse not too far away and I would get the delivery within two days. Then came the “weird” time and it would take a week or longer. This week it was back to two days. I’m hoping that means that people are back to work and healthy in the warehouses.

NO!!!!! – I have started to get bombarded with “Christmas in July” stuff. Not a fan myself. I don’t like to sweat my way through fake Christmas festivities, mostly sales. I was hoping that this year with all that’s going, we’d get a pass. Not likely. Biggest culprit is Hallmark! Do people only fall in love at Christmas time? How about some beach movies!

Don’t want to clean up that mess! – Speaking of beach movies, many years ago a local bar had a “beach weekend.” Since we aren’t anywhere near the coast they brought in sand on their parking lot and made it festive with lights, furniture and beach balls. It was really cool but getting all that sand cleaned up must have been a chore. Hope it was financially worth it. Sometimes it’s not about the money.

Pool weather – We are in our first true heat wave. No complaints here. I waited all winter for summer so I’m enjoying it even if it means being inside for the hottest part of the day. The heat changes my schedule. It’s sneakers on the ground before 7:30 a.m. for my walk. Any outdoor watering is done right after. Bird feeders filled. All outdoor work gets done before noon. I also like to make dinner in the morning – cold salads, crockpot recipes or at least prepping everything. Then I’m either enjoying life in the porch or doing inside chores.

So how was your week?



81 thoughts on “Random 5 for July 5, 2020 – gene pool, deliveries, non-holidays, beachy, summer

  1. Now that you mention it I realize I have NOT received any Christmas in July emails or catalogues. That is odd. Very not normal. I’m not keen on Christmas in July, but in this weird year I’d appreciate something normal happening.

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  2. Very hot here at least until Friday and we get a storm to break the heat (nothing severe as of now). After I stopped working in Downtown Detroit, they are trying to revitalize the Downtown Business District. That included trucking in sand, low-down lounge beach chairs, colorful umbrellas and vendors selling fruity drinks with umbrellas. This is all for the lunchtime crowd. I don’t know if they opened up this year, but it was quite a hit.

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  3. I always figured you for a Neanderthal! (sorry…. couldn’t resist). I’m seeing all these articles and news stories on TV about the return of drive-in movies. I guess the pandemic has brought back a few nice things; it has been weird to see the networks having the “Sunday Movie of the Week” again.

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  4. Kate, You are very organized and inspirational. I also like getting everything done early in the morning for various reasons. Interesting how you bring up the concept of Christmas in July. We have had our Christmas in July this year. My brother and family were bringing Christmas and birthday gifts to our place Spring Break. Two days before arriving everything was cancelled. The young children will be outgrowing their clothes and toys. We received a HUGE box of everything last week and celebrated last Christmas. For us, fun. Now, I am not at all keen on celebrating next Christmas.

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  5. Why does Ancestry think we want to know about our Neanderthal relatives? Or maybe I shouldn’t knock the Neanderthals.

    We’re having a beautiful summer so far–not too hot, not too cool. I’m impressed with your skill and discipline in planning your days.

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  6. Most anthropologists now agree that Neanderthals weren’t as primitive as long believed, and that if they existed in full-blooded form today no one could tell them from the other human descendants. In fact, contrary to what was believed long ago, they obviously were able to interbreed with the other “cavemen” – so they really didn’t go extinct so much as be absorbed into the general population. So rather than a throwback, you are a survivor.

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  7. Same old, same old but like you I do my outdoor chores before noon. This week I have to try and schedule another haircut so that should certainly create a little challenge, and I also have to ‘try’ and get in to the computer repair store that has been closed for three months so I’m guessing I’ll have a little company there as well. 🙂 Yes, it’s not bad enough that everything on TV is a rerun and all the movies are rerun, but Hallmark has to show Christmas movies. I love Hallmark, but I can’t watch them. Enough is enough right now.

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    • Right! I need some fun comedies to watch. Not seasonal love stories! Good luck with your appointments. I had to made a bunch a week or so ago and the timing is all over the place.


  8. We celebrated Julymas a couple of years ago and I wrote a special poem to put in with my cards.
    Haven’t been up to the beach for a few days, the last time it was like looking across a frying pan and hundreds of sausages.
    Take care

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  9. I’m not a fan of Christmas in July either. I have been thinking of taking a ride to the beach lately because they opened up the parking lots, however, closed them again for the holiday weekend. We’ll see if they open up again in a week or so.

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  10. We are having wonderful weather currently. I imagine it will heat up in a few weeks but, right now, I’m loving it. The beaches here are slowly opening up (and, as long as people behave, they will continue to be) but I usually avoid them in the summer anyway. Too many people and not enough parking. I much prefer going there in the early fall when we have our best weather and fewer people. Oh, and I don’t even like Christmas in December, so a big NOPE to Christmas in July.

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  11. We had our first trip to the beach today. The first sight of the sea since March and our first post lock down pub lunch. Life is slowly getting back to normal but we are a bit nervous that it might go wrong.

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  12. I definitely feel ancient and definitely NOT enjoying the warm weather like I used to “pre-aging”. I used to tolerate the heat well and hubby HATED it…..we have switched places – he’s a heataholic and I can’t wait for early Fall. Oh well. The one thing that I really HATE about things like they are now is that I am having trouble keeping track of what day it is! I hear lots of people say that. I keep a calendar next to the computer so I SHOULD know what day it is……I just keep someone to remind me to look at it. HAHA

    Hugs, Pam

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  13. “hotter than the hubs of hell over here,” “steamy with a chance of steam” “sweat is just fat crying” — oh yeah, all of that here in the Great Lakes State.

    But it beats shoveling! 🙂

    that Neander-beauty is something!

    here’s to Sunday 🙂 MJ

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  14. We have a heat wave, too… but it is Florida and Florida has some heat! We had a glorious storm early this morning with nature’s best thunder and lightning show and a whole lot of rain. I am not a fan of the Hallmark channel but SSNS and his older brother can’t get enough if it. My sis-in-law and I think it is the young girlies! Sand is not all it is “cracked” up to be! Enjoy your porch life today, we will be doing that with a glass of wine at 4!

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  15. Thank goodness someone else is cheesed off at Hallmark. What the bloody blue blazes are they thinking with the Christmas in July programming. Blech!! As if things aren’t stressful enough in this world, now we gotta deal with Christmas when we’re trying to keep our powder dry in July! Grr.

    Chewys seems to have resumed their previous outstanding delivery service. It took 10 days for the autoship to arrive a month ago, in fact I had to buy it from a local pet store. That was not a fun experience so I’m extra grateful for them now.

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  16. We’re “enjoying” an extended heat wave here, Kate. No big surprise. Went to the beach for a walk on Friday morning before it got too crowded. We swim after walking to cool off. And then it’s into the A/C for the heat of the day.

    Just think . . . with all those Neanderthal genes, you must have a ton of distant relatives monkeying around. See how many you can include in your family tree. 😯

    We watched ET The Extraterrestrial this week. Netflix was donating 10 meals to Feed America for each classic movie watched (off a compiled list). We added a few to our queue. The promotion is over now, but we kept ET in our queue. It’s been 38 years since it came out!!!

    Time is warped . . . we were still “kids” when it came out. Now we’re ancient. Or close approaching.

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    • Nancy, you work with what you have. When it’s hot you alter your schedule to adjust to it and when it’s cold you do the same. Better than whining about it. I haven’t seen ET in…ummm….38 years! I have a hard time wrapping my head around ancient. I was talking to a distant relative I connected to through ancestry research and I talked about one aunt. I said she was really old (I was a child at the time). She had a peasant look with pulled back hair, no teeth (or very few) and those godawful sensible shoes. In trying to put an age on her I figured out she was the same age I am now. Yikes! So…will people laugh at my walking sneakers in years to come? Probably!

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