Sassy cats — Cats in quarantine

Sasha and Morgan snoopervising on the desk.

Technically my cats aren’t in any more quarantine than they were three months ago. They are indoor only cats and they continue to roam the entire house. They only get quarantined into a room when they are ill. So far everyone seems healthy. My cats always get sick weekends, holidays, in pandemics or anytime there is an extra vet charge so fingers crossed.

Marking the computer or eyeing the coffee? It’s anyone’s guess.

This is how Sasha feels about it.

Wake me when its over or at dinnertime.

They saw their cat food delivery so they are all happy! Wishing you all a safe weekend.

Update from Gracie: Remember last Friday I told you about the peep’s egg hunt? At this point 9 out of 12 eggs are permanently misplaced. I told you they weren’t good at this!



68 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Cats in quarantine

  1. The cats are happy to have you around more these days … that is until yardwork commences. The best “yardwork” for them is you producing cat grass. I liked this word you used “snoopervising” – perfect way to describe the photo.

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      • Do you grow it outside Kate? I know my friend Carol grows something for her cats outside – she calls it “the cats’ stripey grass” – she does not have a fenced-in yard as the back of the yard is a wooded area. She puts her cats on a leash/harness and takes them out so they can chew on it – not always, sometimes she “harvests” it for them too. I guess it’s not warm enough for that grass yet though.

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        • My cats don’t go out at all. Once they sense freedom I’m afraid they will sneak out every time someone opens the door. They can’t eat my grass as it has some chemicals on it. I have old pots outside trying to renew but except for lawn grass they are growing slow. Needs more consistent warm weather.

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          • Yes, we had a warm surge, then it is chilly again, really chilly later in the week. I thought, before the C-virus, having Easter this late would be nice, the kids outside on egg hunts, in their skimpy Spring-y clothes – how that all fell by the wayside. Our city has an Easter egg hunt – kids from everywhere converge to see the Easter Bunny. All tabled of course. Carol only takes hers out on a leash – I don’t think she sprays at all, she used to have a slate sidewalk and had weeds growing in between and pulled them – a daily chore the little weeds – she finally got some type of little pavers as it was frustrating to her – guessing she would have used chemicals otherwise. She shelters feral cats on her deck so doubt she would take a chance.

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  2. My cats veer between seeming happy that I am home all the time now (scrooches and petting on demand, extra snack in the day time) and aggravated that I’m home all the time (hogging the chair, interrupting sleep time for petting on my schedule and not theirs). Hopefully they are more happy about it than not 😉

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  3. At that rate, there won’t be any for Easter, unless they dig out the ones they have hidden/lost. They are so beautiful. I think that was a sneaky move to eyeball the coffee. My Reboot loves coffee and tea.

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    • They are not real small so they can’t get under all the furniture. We don’t know either unless the figured how to get it down the basement. We often have that door open when my husband is working in his shop. I did a cursory check and it wasn’t under the usual furniture. Hard plastic so I know they can’t eat it.

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  4. Kate ~

    I’m worried about all those missing eggs! Ordinarily, I would assign some neighborhood kids to help you hunt for them, but, well, with the virus, and the stay at home order, that’s out of the question. For now anyway.

    I’ll give a quick look around when I stop by on Easter morning and see if I can turn up a few, but my time will be limited and those cats of yours seem like professionals.

    Hey! That’s an idea.

    Next Easter I’m going to hire them to hide eggs for me! I’ll pay them in catnip.

    The Easter Bunny

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  5. Ted is on Hills prescription food so thankfully I don’t have to order anything other than every 3 months for the gigantic bag of prescription food. There was a lady in the grocery last week who I found crying in the cat food aisle – without getting too close I asked her what was wrong and she said her cat’s favorite food was “out”. I suggested she just pick something close to the cat’s favorite and coax him into at least giving it a taste. She said she’d did that. I was just so sad that she felt like she was going to let her cat down not being able to get his favorite. I wanted to give her a hug…..but opted for just telling her if I could – I would. Stay safe this weekend!!

    Safe “Air” Hugs, Pam

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    • She could try a mail order place like Chewy. They are running late with deliveries but I’ve been lucky so far. I have enough cat food for about 5 weeks or so but I may run out of litter.


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