Sassy cats – The egg hunt!

Gracie here. It’s day eleven of the peeps home arrest. They are only allowed out to buy food (preferably cat food). We cats have been keeping them entertained but they are a tough pair.

They do not bath and nap after every meal. This is bad. Not only is it unsanitary but they will get into trouble with too much time on their hands. Like weighing us and saying we are overweight. What? Or trimming our feetsies. Argh!

We came up with a great new game for them. The Easter bunny basket with fake eggs is on the dining room table. Every night we take all the eggs out so they can have an egg hunt.

This is how it looks every morning!

At first they were slow to catch on. Not the sharpest knives in the drawer. By day three they figured it out. First they blamed Sasha. We all laughed and laughed (except Sasha of course). They always blame the youngest one. Disrupting centerpieces is my jam. By day 5 they figured it out.

I couldn’t resist a little play with a lonely pink egg that was resting under a china cabinet and the lady peep caught me. It didn’t stop us though. Every morning they hunt and replace the eggs. Some have not been found since day one. What can I say? We are good at this. They are not.

Me giving this bunny some love last year.

We are working on more games like find the hairball in the shoe or did someone barf or just gag. So much fun to see them running around like maniacs. Until next time be safe and have a good weekend.

Note from slow peep: Some of these will not be found until we move and clean everything out. Then we will wonder where they came from!

79 thoughts on “Sassy cats – The egg hunt!

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  3. Dear Gracie,
    Probably best to not make suggestions like these us dogs out loud. It will send the huMom over the edge and she barely can deal with our daily emptying of the toy & bone bin out. Did we mention we have nearly 25 bones in various stages of chewability? It keeps her busy for most of the morning (i.e. out of our hair) finding those everywhere and putting them away since you really don’t want to step on one of those babies in bare feet.
    Your fur-iends,
    Elsa the Ninja & Stormin’ Norman

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  4. I’m taking care of my human right now, she is stuck in her room alone. She just came down with cold symptoms and doesn’t want to get the little humans sick. She only has me to take care of her so I am. Maybe I will hide eggs for her when she is better! The little humans are destroying the house. But I won’t tell on them. Maybe they will give me some eggs to hide? Great idea.

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    • Little humans can be more destructive than cats. This is the time that you can get away with anything and blame it on them (except for hairballs of course). Sending virtual purrs to your sick human and I hope it’s just a simple cold. Now go put your butt in your human’s face. They like that. — Gracie

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      • Gracie, you are a lively one!! Yes, they do like it when I put my butt in their face. I will do that just as soon as I take my morning nap. And I will be blaming my misdeeds on those little humans. Of course!

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  5. Gracie – you gave me a laugh, but you’d better watch out because the lady peep may put a board over the top of the bunny’s head like she does with the pond to keep the heron out. Just givin’ you and your peeps a head’s up.

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  6. I love your Easter egg hunt. Heidi is busy making friends with all the neighbours now we are not allowed to. She loves having every one home. She is getting large. We are not sure if it is because she is part maine coon or if she is being spoilt. Our grocery situation is getting better. We had to queue in single file to get into the shop this morning but I could get most things I wanted including eggs. I think having to pass a line of suspiscious shoppers is stopping people hoarding.

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    • Shut-in for sure. My heart goes out to those whose entire life is shut-in because of health issues. Today has started warm (50) and sunny. Maybe I’ll do some pond cleaning. The kitties will want to go out on the porch for sure! Everything here is mating so it’s a lot of fun for them to watch the mating routines. I swear I saw a squirrel do a somersault for his girlfriend!

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  7. Kate, when I saw your title I thought you were talking about real eggs and then I remembered I had seen somewhere where you had found eggs at the store. No eggs here, they will show up eventually. I am curious when you say you can do a lot with them. True, but I am afraid I am missing something wonderful that you make with them. Gracie, you are the Sassy Cat in the centerpieces! I have a vision of your humans down on the floor crawling around for eggs… makes me laugh!

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  8. Gosh that’s a brilliant idea – entertaining the humans to keep them from focusing all this “extra” time on us! Thanks…..I’m going to give this a try. The only thing I do routinely is hide my spring toys under furniture – I’m going to “up my game” by finding something THEY need and hide it.

    Hugs, Teddy

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  9. Good job kitties! Keep tourcpeeps thinking and on their toes so they don’t get too bored. Bet it wont be king before you come up with some more new games.

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