Sassy cats — Updates from Gracie

I hope I don’t have to go in the portal to hell!

Gracie here. This wasn’t a good week here. Mollie didn’t feel good. When one of us has a bad day, we all do. She was diagnosed with esophageal dysfunction. I don’t know what it means but the “portal to hell” is out from the closet and that can’t be good. The peeps say there is a specialist that maybe can help. Hugs to Mollie.

With all that going on the Easter Egg Hunt went by the wayside. None of us cats were into hiding eggs so the last three are still in the basket. You never know though. Someone gets a little ‘nip and all hell breaks lose here.

What? Wait? The portal to hell is out? Gotta hide, gotta hide.

We all hope you have a good weekend and send some positive energy for Mollie. She needs some good juju.

80 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Updates from Gracie

  1. OMG! Well, now that my human is home all the time, I get to go to church with her tomorrow. We will both say some prayers for Mollie. I hope she feels better soon and still has a nice Easter. Hugs her way. I hate the portal too.

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        • Actually yesterday was a great day and this morning too. If I had not already freaked out and made the appointment, I would have let it go. I think it’ prudent to try to find the root cause of her issues even if they can’t be fixed. Maybe it’s bad reflux and some simple meds would help. (I always like to think simple rather than a cancerous spot.)

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          • Well that is good and I don’t blame you for freaking out. My friend Carol’s cat Dudley had some digestive issues and acting sluggish and she took him to the regular vet, not his specialist, about ten days ago. She said they were only taking emergencies and you had to park at the curb and a vet tech came out and took the carrier, but Carol had to wait outside til they called her they were bringing him out again. Carol lives in New York, near Rochester, so not in the heart of NYC. Luckily she could bring him home and not leave him there.

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    • We are lucky to have one locally although I can’t go in with her and be with her. I just hope she’s not too scared. I’m taking her in prepped for a procedure (endoscopy) just in case. That’s a good thing as I didn’t want to take her in twice.

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  2. Oh. Molly – soft cheek pats sent in sympathy from RC Cat
    See cats are just like children…getting into difficulties after regular hours. Cheered there is a diagnosis and purrhaps treatment. Eggactly what is needed.
    Our Molly Malamute has a crushed tracheae from her pervious (bad owner. bad. owner) place she was. So far we just adjust and take care – we’ll see as she ages.
    May warmth, soothing and peace curl around all of you.

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  3. Sending good juju, POTP, hugs and happy thoughts to sweet Mollie and everyone else……glad that at least you know what Mollie’s diagnosis is AND learning there is a specialist who can help makes it a little less scary maybe. Hope so…….

    Pam and Teddy too

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    • I know! Seriously, could she have picked a worse time? Actually, she’s had it for about 6 months and we’ve tried the easy fixes. The next step is a scope which I resisted because of the anesthesia. Seeing an internist will help with valuable info. I’m lucky we have such a thing locally. She had an ultrasound and all her organs are really good for a cat her age. Sadly you can’t see the esophagus on an ultrasound.


  4. Sending all the GOOD juju we got for Mollie! I am so sorry she had to get in the portal to hell but at least there is a diagnosis and there is a specialist that can help. I am sorry it wasn’t a good week, Gracie. Maybe the humans will give you all some nip and you can let it all rip. We could use some good nip right about now, too.
    Seriously, sending good thoughts and prayers that a specialist can help, Mollie. I have to look up esophageal dysfunction.

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    • It’s an umbrella diagnosis that covers heartburn to things too scary to write. We are lucky to have a major pet treatment center locally with such a specialist. Hopefully there will be some drugs that can mitigate discomfort.


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