Sassy cats — Move along

Sunday marks the one year anniversary of Sasha joining the household. We’ll do a year in review next Friday. The cats are “curating” their photos and there is always the “are my whiskers curly here?” or the “does this make my butt look big?” to deal with. Someone stole my hair dryer to fluff their tail!

In the meantime here are some photos that come under the “Move along now! Nothing going on here.” Cats are like kids when there are a few and there is no noise, something’s up.

That’s Sasha on the bottom and Gracie on the top. Nope, nothing going on.

Nothing going on at all!

Sometimes cat grass doesn’t make it out of the bag but nothing is going on.

Being adorable!

Everyone here wishes you a great weekend!

66 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Move along

  1. Aw. So cute I love the window one. (and hoping our cat grass grows faster – RC is getting annoyed and probably grumbly tummy…of course the local source of ready to eat grass has changed suppliers and HRH hates what they have now…insisting staff do some indoor gardening…or else)

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  2. I think a one year anniversary is proof she made it through any probationary period! πŸ™‚ Wonderful photos. I’ll look forward to seeing what photos the cats have curated for your next exhibition!

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    • You never know. I’ve only had one really testy cat that did not like new adds. Jake was fussy but there was only one cat he didn’t like and that was the testy cat. All the rest like a new playmate except for Mollie who gives me stink eye.

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  3. It is hard to believe that it is only a year since Sasha joined your family. Seems like she has always been there. The picture on the porch looks like Sasha is in a fish tank! I love that last picture of Sasha. It is portrait perfect.

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