Random 3 for March 1 – Schedules, arthritis, weather

We are still recovering from all the activities of last weekend so it’s another random 3. We’ll be back to regular programming next week!

It’s been an upside down week – Last weekend’s medical crisis changed everything in the short term. All plans were canceled as we sought answers from medical practitioners. Lots of appointments and waiting. To sooth we craved comfort foods. We had lots of soup and a pizza day. Hopefully we are back on track.

Aging in place – Elder cat Mollie has a touch of arthritis. She’s walking stiffly and seeking warm spots to nap. I pulled out a “cat heating pad” I had for Magic during the early 2000’s. It still works. It’s a very low level of heat. Not near as warm as a people heating pad. She initially spent 12 hours on it. Now she comes and goes on it as the spirit moves her. She thinks we should install a chair glide on the steps. One specifically for cats. I call that a human.

The wind – I dread severe wind. We’ve had it for the last few days. There is something eerie about it. Very Edgar Allen Poe. I can almost hear the telltale heart in the floorboards. Can’t put my finger on it but it upsets the animals too. Here’s hoping that March will send it packing.

So how was your week?

69 thoughts on “Random 3 for March 1 – Schedules, arthritis, weather

  1. Those pet warmers are a miracle. We got one at our last house for a cat that refused to come inside no matter the weather (She would try and eat through the sheetrock to get outside if brought in.) We built a wooden, insulated multiplex cat condo that sat up against the house inside the winter greenhouse around the tropical plants too big to move inside – and put a couple of those warmers in the cat beds….we had a couple of neighborhood cats that knew where shelter was in severe weather and their own people were too stupid to let them inside. We did discourage the possum, though.
    Will be waiting to see you new cat staircase glider. HAHA

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  2. We’ve had some pretty rough wind the last couple of months. Lost some shingles, and some siding.

    My cat “Reboot” is 15 this year. I noticed her wanting to sit on the computer case here in the office, so I am going to get a small heating pad and put a towel over it for her.

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  3. A nice warm heating pad sounds wonderful. It never occurred to me that such a thing existed for animals, but it makes complete sense.
    As Theo approaches his 12th birthday next week, I look for signs that he may be getting arthritic, but so far so good. There’s no question that he’s slower, and his stretches often seem rather half-hearted, but it may be winteritis rather than arthritis 😉

    I’m glad the crazy winds from last week are gone and this week we are looking forward to more spring-like temperatures. In other words, we are entering the mud-and-slush season.

    Happy Monday, Kate. Hope the coming week is a good one for all of us!

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  4. I’m glad your medical crisis is over. Smooth sailing ahead.

    Cats sure know how to make themselves comfortable.

    We don’t have high winds very often. The big trouble around here are all our big trees and the branches that can fall across the road or the power lines.

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    • We have a lot of tree damage here too. Our neighborhood is getting older so the trees are too. That translates into more downed branches although we haven’t lot a tree yet in our immediate area. They are just too young.

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  5. I worry about high winds in the neighborhood as well. There are old and tall trees everywhere and behind me, a pair of trees with roots sticking high out of the ground.
    The original owners died and the bank bought the house and it has had a series of renters … the tree needed tending to decades ago. I’m a Nervous Nellie every time we have high winds. My neighbor’s pear tree split in two at 39 mph a few years ago and rolled my shed across the backyard at the same time. I don’t think 39 mph is especially high winds.

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    • At my last house my neighbor had two trees that grew over my garage. She had one trimmed but left the other as is. They both came down in a storms. One missed my garage roof by inches and the other came down on my husband’s car. I was more than annoyed. After I moved they cut down all the sick trees along the border with my property.

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  6. The energy of high winds changes the energy field somehow. I can almost feel the electricity and I don’t like it. I, too, get very edgy. I’m hoping that last week’s medical emergency hasn’t transpired into anything more emergent, and that it’s only a blip on your radar soon! But it does take a little time to come down after all that adrenaline.

    As for the pets and arthritis. We see that in Zena, and it does show me her age, which then triggers other worries and thoughts. The poor things can’t whine and complain like I do, either!

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    • I’m not sure. The heating pad helps. We have an upcoming vet apt and we’ll see what she says. Mollie won’t take large pills. I had an Osteo pill for Hazel but it was huge. I don’t think Mollie would take it.

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  7. We thought about a hot pad for Maggie but settled on a hot water bottle. At night, she;s found her own warm spot….. my side of the bed. Guess the meds induced hot flushes are good for something! Other than that our week has been wet, windy and damn cold!

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  8. High winds and being surrounded by the neighbours giant trees always means a sleepless night for me, from the noise upstairs like a freight train where it catches the corner of the house and the worry esp. after one of those enormous trees fell over at 3am onto the neighbours deck. Luckily it just grazed the side of the roof and no one was hurt other than bad relations between the two parties….the tree was on the lot line. March is the month for winds, but I’m glad its very calm today. I hope you are all feeling better, cats included!

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  9. I know how the forces of Mother Nature upsets animals. For example, my one dog was so afraid of thunder that she would pull the cushions off the chair and start digging. She had no destination in mind, but I am sure she thought if I can just dig far enough I’ll be safe. Nothing….calmed her. Now I understand my granddog is terrified by the wind! He really can’t be related to me, as I love the wind. I love both the sound it creates, the feel of it as you try to walk. So, perhaps selfishly, I welcome March and her winds.

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  10. I like a breeze myself, but the Santa Ana winds out here are so dry they cause everything from nosebleeds to bad behavior in children (or so teachers tell me).

    When I took Bat Cat from warm SoCal to cold New Hampshire for a month, she learned how to turn on the electric blanket and would burrow under it.

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  11. Hope your health continues to improve! Hooray for comfort foods!
    I had never heard of a heating pad for animals. Where did you get it?
    Our Sheltie has arthritis in her one hip and what I can’t understand is she loves the cold! She loves to lay on our patio in the winter! She can handle the cold much better than the hot summer days but I would think the cold would bother her arthritis, instead she begs to go back out after coming in and warming up!

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  12. That’s great that you still have the special heating pad!

    I’ve been shut in since I got back from Barbados, due to this cold/flu thing that JUST WON”T QUIT. Been listening to the wind whistling around my building and watching the snow blowing and hoping everyone that has to go out is safe! The temps are supposed to rise this week, and my “snot factory” is slowly but surely shutting down production so I hope to get out and about.


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    • I have been snotty since my ER visit last Sunday. Funny how you pick up things there. Hope you are on the mend. We are expecting warm weather for the next few days and I’m excited about it. New month, new weather pattern! Yay!

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  13. I’ve been reading about the severe wind and I get how you don’t like it. It’s unsettling, even if you know your roof is nailed on tightly. I adore the idea of a cat heating pad. I hope Mollie appreciates the lengths you go to in order to keep her comfy. [As if she does, but just saying…]

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    • It’s hard to watch your pets age. I was looking at pictures this week and there was one from when we adopted her. She was already an adult cat but she was full of mischief and excitement. These days, she loves her naps.

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