Sassy cats — Savoring the holiday week

Things here were quiet yesterday (except for the fireworks at night). No neighbor cookouts. No loud crowds. Just chilling and a few photo sessions with the catkids. I took the picture that every owner of multiple cats wants. A picture with all of them in it. I don’t get that often. In fact, never but here it is!

Top row is Morgan and Gracie. Sasha is on the tilted ottoman. Queen Bee Mollie is on the cool floor. They are waiting for their round of ‘niptinis delivered by the inept staff.

This was a miracle! Mollie rarely visits the porch these days and if she does, they don’t group together.

There was some tussling between Gracie and Sasha (as there always is) but it’s good natured. Just a few harmless wops that get lost in the air.Hope your week was good. It was hot and humid here but I’m not complaining! Better than a snowstorm! Just ask the cats. First you have to find them and wake them up though.

53 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Savoring the holiday week

  1. Oh, I am impressed with your group shot! They look as if they really posed for a family portrait. I don’t think we ever got a good shot of more than two cats at a time. May you chill as much as possible. The last sentence in your caption says it all! Cheers!

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  2. The whole cat famdamily – you lucked out. We have that heat and humidity too and a storm late afternoon. Yesterday there was a heat advisory from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. – more than hot, just plain oppressive.

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  3. I feel like the illegal fireworks grow more numerous and more annoying every year. This year, ever Boss Cat was under the bed. And the usually the dog isn’t fireworks sensitive, but when they are being set off one house away…

    I found myself apologizing to the cowering wildlife: “I’m so sorry, fledgling red-tailed hawks. Hand tight and don’t move. Same to you, orioles.”

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    • I know. I do that to the squirrels. Fireworks were legalized in our state this year so there were more and louder. Various communities are passing ordinances restricting the hours but it’s not enough. In the middle of our city there was a big poster of a dog with a notice that not everyone enjoys fireworks. First thing this morning I saw that a 10 week old puppy was terrified, got out and ran away. I was annoyed that the owners would have a new pup and not take extra precautions. I know they slip out when scared but really. Now everyone is looking for the puppy.

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  4. Great photos…………I never have a problem getting a photo of Teddy when he’s still because he sleeps almost all the time (haha). BUTTT, I would like people to know he also likes to run around like a nutcase, plays with a toy occasionally, and likes to go for walks with harness/leash. I just tend to take a lot of “asleep” photos because I like them myself!

    Hugs, Pam

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