Sassy cats — Photo op

Cats are bored. They have threatened me if I approach with a camera anytime soon. But I put my stealth on and took a few shots.

Mollie: You woke me up for another photo? Human! I’m napping!

Hazel: Get me more catnip Human!

Human: Gracie discovered the new recliner and decided to bathe in it.

In the meantime Morgan is sleeping. She wants us to wake her up for spring, or Mardi Gras, or any good food celebration!Whether you are napping, washing or enjoying some catnip, the cats wish you a great weekend!


52 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Photo op

  1. You take wonderful cat pictures… and cats always make wonderful pics ! They are so intriguing that I was always taking pics of my black darling, who was always thinking up new projects, and therefore new photogenic poses !!!!

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