Sassy cats — Update from Mollie

Hazel: I don’t feel so good. My belly hurts!

Hi, Mollie here. This house has been in tizzy this week so I offered to step in. Hazel has the poopies again. Yuk! We share the same potties. One has to be careful of the land mines.

The human has been good about cleaning it up. Still stinky. She keeps spraying some apple stuff around. Now it smells like rotten apples in here.

We are trying to be nice to Hazel or she’ll have to go to the vet again. That makes her poop more! And cranky too! They do weird things there.

On a positive note, Hazel has lost about 1-1/2 pounds since November. We’re pretty sure that’s it. The scale won’t budge. All good. Human seems happy about it. Something about plateaus and genetics.

I’ve been coming out of my winter hibernation (that starts in September and goes until June) to mingle with my peeps. You can see me in the back watching Gracie and Morgan eat. We were all good. No snarls or hisses. That makes the human happy. It was exhausting. I had to nap with my catnip mousie after that!

I think the human napped too. Gracie is good and so is Morgan. We wish you all sweet dreams of catnip and tuna! Gotta go nap!

Mollie, alpha cat extraordinaire! (Please send tuna! Hurry!)



60 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Update from Mollie

  1. I’m glad she is improving. My Cat spent 3 years staying sick, you could hear her each time she went to the litter box. You also knew it was time to crack open windows. I found out it was the treats she loved.

    We have a Great Dane that can clear a room. I swear, there are times I think she should be floating just above the floor.

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    • You made me laugh. Thanks for that. There wasn’t much laughing this week! The long story is that Hazel had intestinal parasites as a kitten. She was treated for them but the bouts of chronic diarrhea have never completely gone away. She would be considered a weapon of mass destruction. I’ve been using a new medication that helps but it takes about 2 days. Next vet trip I will ask if it’s something I can give her continuously (at a lower dose). Dogs are the worst with gas though. I worked at a place where the owner brought her German Shepherd to work every day. He would sleep right in back of me. Yikes! He was worse than any person I’ve known. Sometimes I would stumble outside for air.

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  2. Hazel, poor baby… poor tummy. Mollie, it is good to come out of hibernation… never can tell when tuna will appear! I missed the Sassy Cats and their Staff. But I hate that Hazel has a rumbly tummy. Sounds like there is improvement. I see Mollie is letting you handle the whole Hazel situation! I am planning on a nap as soon as I hit Post Comment!

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  3. Well, I have always maintained that a good case of diarrhea is a wonderful weight loss tool. But in Hazel’s case not so sure. Hope she is feeling better quickly. Give her a pat from us.

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    • Yes, you have that right. The cats hate the litter room and land mines when she can’t quite make it in the box. I, of course, hate the whole thing. Medications to give, land mines to clean, smell to get rid of. She’s better today.

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