Sassy cats — Random notes from exhausted cats

Hazel is feeling her old chipper self. Sleepy is her natural look.  To treat her recent bout of explosive diarrhea I used pro-pectalin which is an over-the-counter medication. I keep it in the house because that’s Hazel’s preferred way of getting sick.

Here is Mollie (our beauty queen) lounging on the window counter. We were prepping for some weekend company and she’s exhausted. She’s complained about the lack of breaks and a catnip dispenser. Not sure if she’ll take this gig next year.

Morgan is sleeping with her bestie, the beloved husband. There are more comfortable positions but whatever works.

Gracie is down for the count. Very exhausting afternoon!

Have a great weekend from our house to yours.


68 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Random notes from exhausted cats

  1. Your beloved husband sleeps in a position very similar to my husband’s favorite nap position! Very familiar to me. 🙂 I’m glad the cats are doing well and perhaps as you approach Christmas they can just decide to stay in this peaceful mode. You don’t need the excitement of explosive diarrhea! Oh my!

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    • Yes it is a cat and dog product with the cat dosage lower. I bought the first tube from my vet last year when Hazel had a diarrhea spell but the last one I got from Chewy. It’s a kao-pectate product. I have the tube gel to put in their mouth but it comes in pill form too if that’s easier. Typically it helps in one or two doses but this last round took a whole week.


    • That was part of series I took while she was rutching around while sleeping. It’s the only one that wasn’t too badly blurred. She is a hoot when she sleeps. Odd positions and snores like a drunk sailor. Too bad photos don’t have sound tracks.

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