Random 5 for December 17 – Gym people, weirdos, Christmas cards, lost pups, winter

Notes from the new gym – The Unabomber (or his lookalike) works out at my gym. Seriously! I did a double-take especially since I thought he was in jail. There are a few guys who workout in hoodies but only one looks like the Unabomber. I cautiously (trying not to look like a stalker) walked by twice to make sure. Uncanny resemblance.

I never thought a co-ed gym could be this interesting – I thought I’d be bored but every week there are new “sightings” of weirdos. (No, I am not included in that group despite my Unabomber stalking!) We’ve had a cold spell. Really cold. However, the gym is 68 to 70 degrees and quite comfortable but there was a guy wearing a furry snow hat. To exercise! Whatever!

An extra gift – My Christmas card supplies are kept in a box. I have cats. You know cats and boxes. Gracie took a nice long nap with the cards. As if that wasn’t enough, Morgan put bite marks on my labels. If you get a card there may be bit marks on your address label and a bit of fur inside. You’re welcome!

It’s not the season for that – Within the past month several neighborhood dogs have been “lost.” It’s heart wrenching and the weather is not cooperating. I suggest everyone who has a wandering dog to get a GPS collar. Yes, they are expensive but not more costly than the heartbreak of losing a best friend.

A harbinger of the winter – We had a mild and very warm fall. I was hopeful. Then it got cold fast. We had three snowfalls this week. *hangs head in terror* I was hoping for a mild winter. The pond has an ice glaze over most of it and the birds are feeding heavily. Boogers.

So how was your week?

54 thoughts on “Random 5 for December 17 – Gym people, weirdos, Christmas cards, lost pups, winter

  1. I used to have two cats and the first one, my Dusty, he loved boxes. The smaller and tighter the better! He’d take 20 min to find just the right position to squeeze himself into it, then close his eyes and remain there, like a statue, for the foreseeable future. Anyone dare to walk past him too close got a nice big swat.

    I miss my cats.

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  2. I didn’t really realize they had GPS collars for dogs. Maybe somewhere rattling in the head, but it didn’t click until I read your post. Good idea! I wonder if they are heavy. And if they are breakaway, or don’t dogs need breakaway?
    Weirdos EVERYWHERE, Kate!

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    • I was looking on-line for one for my old cat Jake several years ago but they were kind of big and clunky for a cat. Especially a cat that never wore a collar in his life. They are smaller today and worth investigating if you have a wandering dog. You attach to a collar and they work with smart phones. Weirdos, yes indeed!

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  3. There was a mini-series on the Unabomber recently. Come to find out, that sketch was not actually the Unabomber. Instead the sketch looked like the first forensic artist the witness spoke to. She spent a lot of time talking to him and only a few seconds looking at the Unabomber, so when she had to describe the bomber to a second forensic artist, she remembered the first artist instead. Since there had only ever been one witness, they took her memories as gospel. So I guess you don’t have to be afraid of the guy at the gym.

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  4. The only “ice ponds” we get are the human-made skating rinks that pop up all over the city this time of year. it’s strange to see people skating outdoors in 80 degree weather! Movie magic! At least this week the temps are cooling off and should be mid 60s by the weekend… my favorite weather.

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  5. We’ve had a little snow, but nothing drastic. In fact, last week’s snow has all melted now. It got really frigid here for a bit, but this week promises to be a balmy 45 degrees! I’m hearing temps aren’t going to cooperate for Christmas though, and hit bottom. 😛

    A furry snow hat? :::rolls eyes:::

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  6. Girl, gym men are weird as they come. The hat? I can’t, that is insane.
    I really do love that the cats decided to get all festive and participate in the holidays. If only they could go to the post office … hmm
    Riding the weather roller coaster with you Kate and not really enjoying the constant heavy coat light coat extravaganza.

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  7. We had a lost dog in our area recently. She got away when the house next to hers was hit by a plane (I swear that I’m not making this up). Anyway, they finally found her – alive and mostly well – about a week later. She is a beautiful caramel-color standard poodle so I wonder if someone took her for awhile, then felt guilty. I love the idea of GPSing dogs… money well spent, as far as I’m concerned.

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    • A year and a half ago, through a fluke situation a small dog was lost. The owners were very active in searching. The posters were up at every intersection in at least a 5 mile radius. There were pleas on the internet and the radio. Weeks passed. I don’t think they ever found the dog. It so was sad to drive by the laminated posters on the poles.


  8. I laughed at the guy with the furry hat indoors … that could easily have been my youngest son when he was a teenager. He wore a hat – either a fur hat or wool cap – all year round, and there were endless arguments with my husband about the hat wearing indoors. He’s even wearing his wool cap in his high school graduation picture.

    It’s been really cold here too, but is supposed to warm up this week … but not enough to get rid of the snow we have. In fact, it’s going to warm up just enough to make it snow more.

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  9. Working out indoors in a furry snow hat, that is odd. Well, maybe it was a super expensive designer hat he was afraid to leave unattended in the locker room. I mean, what other reason culd there be?!

    Just the cards? We often send free feline fur with our Christmas gifts, too.

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  10. We have been having warm days for December,,, yesterday was 65 and we walked the golf course in just a shirt and jeans. Cold is coming though for Christmas… I am ready! No snow so they say! Your gym is pretty dang entertaining. Your cards will be very special this year… 🙂

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  11. Lost dogs…NOOOOOOOOOO…here too. They’re allowed off the leash in the park till 9 a.m., and just take off never to be seen again. Next, HAVE YOU SEEN FIDO, posters grace every surface. It is heartbreaking. sigh

    I like that your cats signed all the cards. They’re decking the halls, just with their claws.

    And not to cold today in New Yawk City, and tomorrow is supposed to be warmer. I snuck in a pedicure knowing I could make to home defrosted in my flip flops.

    Hey, ya can’t let a little thing like weather get in the way of beauty, now can ya ??? 🙂

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  12. The Jet Stream, which used to run on a straightish path from west to east when the arctic was colder and icier, is now a sideways, backwards “S.” It’s pulling warm air up from the south on the west coast, which isn’t helping our fire situation. Meanwhile, you guys in the midwest and east are getting blasted by the polar air.


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  13. Hi, Kate – I agree with Marty. Your new gym is extremely entertaining! And once again we are in sync — Richard was just watching a documentary about the Uni-bomber. Scary stuff!

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    • I asked this week how they notify people if they close or open late and I got the “deer in the headlights” look. It doesn’t happen unless it’s bad and all the businesses shut down. In that case I wouldn’t go out anyway. The last gym was a coffee klatch. There isn’t much talking at this one but so much to watch. I love the weight lifters. They lift once then rest for 10 minutes. I looked at the weight and realized it was 70 lbs. On the scale of things, I didn’t think that was a lot for a lifter. Then again it’s bigger than any kitty litter sack I’ve ever carried!

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      • For the life of me, I will never understand weight lifters. They’re social (which is good), and they work on strength training (also good). But I swear I watch the majority of them, and I see only a fraction of them ever doing anything aerobic. My 15 and 20 pound free weight action is a joke compared to what they can lift, but I like to think I’m getting a more beneficial workout. Perhaps not, though. I still struggle with the pickle jar.

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