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Best present ever! | For animal lovers


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My Christmas present came early this year. It came in a big box with parts that had to be put together. The instructions were in Swahili but we made do. I knew it was coming and I couldn’t wait. Or … Continue reading

R5 for December 14 — Chestnut Praline, inflatables, change, appliances, people


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I’m in love – When I have a doctor appointment or something I don’t want to do, I treat myself. It’s usually Starbucks. I had been wanting to try one of the new holiday drinks but I don’t like sweet … Continue reading

And so this is Christmas and what have you done?


Christmas was magical when I was a child. Presents, lights, company in the house – all were events greatly anticipated. We were giddy with excitement when we started counting the days. (Mom only let us start the count after Thanksgiving.) … Continue reading

The art of procrastinating


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  I am not a true procrastinator. Most of the time I keep ahead of deadlines and I like to get the yucky projects done first. Most of the time. (That phrase is key.) I have developed a few tips … Continue reading