Will Murphy strike again?


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Next week is hectic. Concerts, milestone birthday celebrations that require overnight stays, out-of-town dinners, family reunions – They all fall in the same week. Yes, it’s exciting but it’s also exhausting. In an attempt to make the week peaceful (ha!) … Continue reading

Aging gracefully (maybe) but where did my pits go?


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Temperatures in my area are high, high, high with a good dose of humidity. Of course that always coincides with something I need to do outside. I am reworking my pond area so it’s not so pathetic and bare. Without … Continue reading

Retirement decisions, should I or shouldn’t I?


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  Remember when you started working? Retirement seemed like a long way off, kind of like a child’s version of when Christmas is coming or a trip to Disney World. It seemed like you would be working a long, long … Continue reading