Oh vanity!


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When I found pictures of my father’s parents at a young age, I saw physical characteristics that I inherited. I’m very grateful for the slim build and full hair but I could have done without the refugee look. We have … Continue reading

Soft losses


Someone from my new gym moved away. We were only gym acquaintances, nothing more. Yet I felt a sense of loss as I went to the gym and he wasn’t there. In a place where most folks don’t acknowledge you, … Continue reading

Random 5 for July 24 – Pets, locusts, tomatoes, heat, ummm-I forgot


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A new grand pet – The beloved husband spawned a bunch of pet-loving children. All of them have pets, most have multiples. At one time there were 13 grand pets (among four adult children) but with passings and additions, I’ve lost track. There … Continue reading