Random 5 for July 24 – Pets, locusts, tomatoes, heat, ummm-I forgot

The new addition -- the kitty, not the daughter!

The new addition — the kitty, not the daughter!

A new grand pet – The beloved husband spawned a bunch of pet-loving children. All of them have pets, most have multiples. At one time there were 13 grand pets (among four adult children) but with passings and additions, I’ve lost track. There is a new grand kitty. So far unnamed but adorable (aren’t  they all?). Welcome to the family nameless kitty!

A wonderful hum – Over the past two weeks or so, the locusts have come back to sing. When I was a child that was always a sign of the best part of summer. It was time for ice cream and swimming. Being outdoors all day no matter what the weather was. Good times. I always get just a little nostalgia when I hear them.

Stick with what you know – I am serious about my tomatoes! I don’t joke about them. It’s worse than politics. I’ve spent money to fence in a garden specifically for the glorious sweet globes. Usually I started my own plants. (Yes, I’m that crazy! This tomato frenzy is only exceeded by my cat frenzy!) This year I didn’t. Last year I found the varieties I like easily. Not this year. Nope. Not a single one of my favorites. It was the year for experimentation. (How’s that for a glass half full?) I have five different varieties. It’s still early in the game but the new guys are not performing up to the standards of the old ones. I have some with wilt. Some are underachievers and others are not as sweet as I like them. Next year I will grow my own!

Hello, Florida? Is that you? – I have never written so much about weather as I have this year. We are starting a nine-day stretch of temperatures that will range from mid to high 90s with the heat index over 100. Ok, you southerners and folks out west are rolling your eyes (I can see you in the monitor). We just don’t get weather like this. All I can say is that my deodorant is failing me. Don’t stand downwind.

What was my point? — This is a group of unrelated shorts. They take a minute or two to write. How can I forget the point of a story in that amount of time? I did. I started a short on tee-shirts. Totally forgot my point. Oh well. It must have been profound!

So how was your week?

52 thoughts on “Random 5 for July 24 – Pets, locusts, tomatoes, heat, ummm-I forgot

  1. We just finished two weeks of 90 plus temps with swamp like humidity. We had another big storm blow through last night, it took down part of one of our redbud trees. It has been a crazy summer weather-wise! I want fall! I love the locust too… 🙂

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    • I was at the end of the third sentence when I realized it was boring rubbish without a point. I still don’t remember my point. I have to jot down a note and I didn’t. Perhaps next Sunday.


  2. I envy your tomatoes. Even if they don’t meet your high expectations, they will be better than those on grocery shelf.
    I hope my next place has some access to a sunny place outside where I can grow an heirloom tomato in a pot. #smallgoals

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  3. Another kitty gets a home…YAY…

    And it must be kismet since, I just had a tomato sandwich on toast with a glint of mayo…and heat? Did you mention it’s hot? That can explain while I’m sitting here naked with just my pearls.

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  4. We just returned from a trip out east (as far east as Vermont) and it appears that we brought some of the humidity we experienced back there here to Southern California. We laugh about the “dry heat” in SoCal, but it really is more tolerable. Yikes… locusts! I loved the lighting bugs (fire flies?) we saw at night back east (we, sadly, don’t have them here), but I don’t think I would be as enamored of locusts.

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  5. It’s hotter up there than it is here right now . . . which is often the case during the summer months. Went for a beach walk this A.M. accompanied by a gorgeous breeze. In the low 80’s. Perfect!

    Of course, being closer to the equator, standing in the sun mid-day is out of the question. Must. Have. Shade.

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    • It was pretty pleasant here until maybe 10. Now it’s close to 90 at just about 1 p.m. Today is predicted at 95 and the cooler of the group. Tomorrow the humidity and temps stoke back up. I need a friend with a pool.


  6. My week was HOT and my sister in upstate NY whined when I said I was sending it to you in the East. We’re enjoying today. Humidity has dropped and the temperature might only get to 89!
    My tomatoes are not producing yet Grrrrr.

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  7. No complaints…not a one! I love the heat. I thank Mr. Carrier (a real person) for allowing me to enjoy the heat and not suffer any ill effects from it! And yes, those high pitched bug noises are so much a part of summer here. Have you seen the lightning bugs yet?

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  8. The heat is getting to me as well Cate! I’m not used to the humdinger either. My memories of summer days as a child were of cold wet feet in sandals (from the rain and puddles) and getting upset because the sand got in my sandwich. (from the wind on the beach)

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  9. It’s hot here in Ottawa, too. But my Bermuda sister is here with her husband to escape the heat back home. They are travelling in their luxury RV and yesterday we sat outside for a while then went inside to play cards in the ac.

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  10. We’ve been in a stretch of hot and extremely humid weather also, Kate. The thunderstorms that pop up only make it more humid. I’m listening to the locusts now…they definitely take me back to the never-ending summer days of my childhood.

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    • Yes the locusts are singing. They start early around here quieting down in the evening. We haven’t had any thunderstorms yet. Maybe Tuesday. My husband is eating breakfast on the porch now but during the hot afternoon hours, we are both inside.

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