Sassy cats — Places that are not allowed

There aren’t many places the cats can’t go but there are a few. The mantle is one. Too many things to be broken. However…

When you have a itch, you have to scratch it.

When you have an itch, you have to scratch it.

Then there is the dining room table. A definite no-no.

Just talking to my peeps.

Just hanging with my peeps.

Definitely not the beloved husband’s desk!

Shoosh! Don't tell him. I swear I saw a mousie here.

Shoosh! Don’t tell him. I swear I saw a mousie here.

We gave up bed restrictions a long time ago. Beware if you are a guest at my house, the beds have all been cat tested.


Hazel and Mollie bed testing.

46 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Places that are not allowed

  1. We tried keeping them off – put odd objects in a location that we were sure would discourage them…isn’t it funny how cats can get comfortable on top of anything…or shove it off and over the edge (“See? We cleaned off the table for staff. No, we need nothing more, you may leave Us”)

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    • We have colored vases in a bay window at our last home. Jake would rearrange so he could sleep in the middle (or wherever the sun was). Coming home, it was always interesting to see what it looked like from the outside coming down the street.

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  3. That’s a pretty big leap to get up on the mantel! The bed looks comfy enough. There shouldn’t be any need for the off-limit portions of the house, but apparently cats are exactly like children! And I agree about guests. Your house; your rules–for cats and people alike. πŸ™‚

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    • There are bookshelves on either side of the mantel. It’s like a staircase for Morgan although I have seen her jump up over 6′. She’s long and lanky and has very powerful rear legs.


  4. Great pictures! I love the cat-and-chicks centerpiece.

    We used to have a sweet Russian blue who was so good about staying off the counters and tables. We hardly had to teach her. Now my daughter has a grey tabby who simply adores high places. A delightful cat who has no idea why anyone would think of telling him to get off the table.

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  5. I’ve long been a believer in making your home comfortable for the people (and by people, I mean pets, too) that live there. So … rules generally don’t apply. Especially when they blink their adorable eyes at you, and give you that sweet smile. You try not to smile, but you do. Every time. πŸ™‚

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  6. It’s my belief that banning a cat from a place is like an open invitation to them.

    My sister has used to the spray bottle method with mixed success. She has one cat that just looks at her when she sprays him. She says the look on his face is “What are you doing, you’re embarrassing yourself. Stop.” Needless to say he doesn’t exit the counter when she sprays him.

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  7. There are literally only two surfaces in our entire house that the kitties cannot physically reach. A freestanding, tall dresser upstairs and the mantle downstairs. Other than that, we really cannot contain them, and gave up trying. All dΓ©cor is subject to cat testing and eventual destruction.

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    • They can’t get to your mantle? We have bookshelves on either side so they easily get up there but Morgan can jump that high anyway. There is something attractive about a place that is forbidden.


  8. I am glad to see that I am not the only one not in charge of the asylum! I have just one cat and I too have places the cat is “forbidden” to go – yeah right! I had to give up on the dining room table and since we hardly use it, it’s not a big deal. Sometimes people come over and say silly things like “Is she (the cat) allowed on the dining room table?” to which I reply, looking quite shocked, “No, she’s not” and promptly make her get down. I figure you have to pick your battles just like you do with kids; you can’t win them all! I do like your idea of using a sheet to cover the table and will use that the next time I am having guests for dinner and using the dining room. My method is not doing the table settings until late in the proceedings and then watching it like a hawk; your way would be less anxiety producing.

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    • You make me smile. I always deny that they are “allowed” somewhere to guests. Of course I’m not that crass (I seem to say). Ha! Only Hazel is a dining table cat and after 11 years I don’t think I will be able to break that habit. I only had her crawl on the bedspread once. I made such a fuss that I think she associates something bad to the bedspread. Each of the cats has broken something, mostly when they were young. Morgan has broken two separate items from the mantle (both my favorites of course). I now use a plastic vase and remove her when I see her there. It goes in cycles. She doesn’t go there for months and then it’s like she remembered it again.


    • They keep my reflexes sharp. It’s also funny how I can tell the whines apart and can tell by a noise what it is. Morgan jumping up on the cat food cabinet. Mollie knocking her bunny around.


  9. OMP – I feel you!! Mom is *always* fussing at Hemi here at the Hotel Thompson. Hemi thinks he is the king and should be allowed access anywhere – he would be so wrong. For instance, the kitchen island – giant no-no. And the front door chest – no-no. That’s where all of our remotes and mom’s keys are. Nope. He will try to jump up there and proceed to knock everything off. Why? Because he can. Then me and my brother Houdini get in trouble for hiding said remotes. What? They were on the floor and we moved so daddy would not step on them. That’s our story and we are sticking to it. Snorts and oinks sweet friend. XOXO – Bacon

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  10. LOL! Those “no” places are working really well… πŸ˜€ Our kitchen counters were always a no and I never did see them on the counters but little paw prints on the stainless steel sink were a dead giveaway and we ALWAYS knew they went where they wanted. They had a ball when we left the house!

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    • We have one counter by a large window and we feed Morgan there (so Hazel doesn’t eat her food). The rest of the counters are off-limits. When Morgan was younger she would peruse them (but only when we weren’t around). It’s funny where you find cat prints and yes, there is a party when we leave.


    • They live by the philosophy “I’ll do what I want then give the cute cat eyes later” and it does work to some extent. When I have company for dinner, I’ll clean (sterilize for you germophobes), set out everything but the plates and cover with a clean bedsheet under just before guests are coming. The bedsheet scares Hazel off and she’s the only one who goes there.


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