Sassy cats — Easter week

Hi all! Gracie here. It’s been a quiet week. No new medical issues — feline or otherwise. No bad weather (miracle!). Just the earth moving around the sun (although we all know it moves around us cats!). I have a few pics.

This is Morgan sitting with (or on) the male peep’s clothes in the closet. We don’t show many pictures of her because she mostly naps. Hard to get an interesting picture although she does sleep in some interesting places.

Here is Sasha. She’s not happy that the sun is moving. Or maybe something is casting a shadow. Either way she’s wondering if it’s treat time.

This is an oldy but one of our favorites! I call it tangled cats.

Have a great weekend!


41 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Easter week

  1. Gracie – glad you have good news to report. I hope the Easter Bunny stops by with some special treats for you. Here’s a story to tell Morgan, Sasha and Gus … a man had 45 cats, including kittens, in a nearby city. They lived on the second floor of his house. He was not mistreating them, but reached out because he said “maybe he had a few too many cats and needed to have help. The Ferndale Animal Shelter took all of them, not one in bad health, just some matted fur and needed to be socialized a little, then up for adoption. Wow!

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        • My Gracie came from hoarding. While she wasn’t “mistreated,” she didn’t have good nutrition and no vet care. When I adopted her she needed a dental and had half of her teeth pulled. She also would dumpter dive in the trash looking for food. I suspect that habit came from not enough food. She was socialized though.


          • I didn’t realize that about Gracie – that’s too bad and those habits would have persisted until Gracie understood food was always available. Gracie came to your house before I followed you, but didn’t Gus do something similar as he had never seen treats or toys or am I confusing Gus with someone else? I have been following a local shelter on Facebook for awhile. The owner/staff are dog groomers and a doggie daycare, but have turned into a charitable organization that collects dog and cat food to provide to low-income pet owners. The recently took in three litters of neonate kittens, one which the mother abandoned and the other two which people found as newborns with no mother cat around. They have to feed them ’round the clock and it’s amazing how they have grown.

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            • Gus was housed in a cat room with 20 other cats. He had access to windows and hidey spots, dry food and litter. The day I came in, I had catnip toys and the cats devoured them. I suspect they don’t get many toys because there are so many cats only the strongest get to play. Gus has his toys here and he loves them.

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  2. Well, hooray for a week with no medical issues and decent weather to boot! Very chilly here today – huge switch from the last couple days. I guess that’s April for you.

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