Random 3 for April 9, 2023 – Easter tree?, blog, sales

Short post for a busy week!

It’s Easter – This week I had a doc appointment (routine, nothing is wrong). In the corner of the doc’s office was an Easter tree. It was Christmas tree repurposed with eggs and bunnies. It made me wonder if they couldn’t find time to take the Christmas tree down or was it purposeful multitasking. In either case, it looked out of place. Those things are dust collectors. I sat on the other side.

Good Lord what did they do – This week I received messages from WordPress about automatically posting to Facebook and Twitter. The last message said “it” was fixed and should be working again.  (I didn’t know it was broke.) I went to check if I could automatically post to Facebook when I published. I went to the admin section of my blog. Yikes! In the old days, it was as easy as pulling a widget over. I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I’ll have to take some time to study the new processes. I hate that I have to relearn something that was working fine for me. True confession – I’m still using the old classic editor to post. Last time I tried the block editor (I’ve tried it many times over the past few years), I had issues with posting pictures. I need an 6-year-old to help.

Sales! – Some of my favorite stores are having clearance sales. I checked it out to see if anything I like is on sale. The stuff that was on sale was the ugly color in a group. The traditional colors were regular price. If ugly colors don’t sell, why make them? Companies need me as a beta tester for clothes that old ladies would buy.

So how was your week?

48 thoughts on “Random 3 for April 9, 2023 – Easter tree?, blog, sales

  1. You’re right, simultaneously getting WP to post on FB and/or Twitter (or LinkedIn like I do) has gotten complicated. It’s a total cluster, especially when you’re creating a post and you receive a warning just before publishing that you need to refresh the connection. Like you I continue to use the classic editor-I mean, there’s only so much time in a day and that Block editor is beyond a colossal time suck. I’m all about making life easier or at least simpler-not more challenging.

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  2. I’ll never understand how WordPress and all the other tech or software companies think they are improving technology by giving us EXTRA steps to do a task. I cannot stand Block Editor in WP. I used it a few times, but things always went wonky, and I had to re-do things just to get it to look right. I’ve been sticking with Classic. I have another blog that is newer, and I don’t think they offer Classic on newer blogs. I’m not sure, because I can’t find it. Thankfully, I only use the other blog on rare occasions.

    I use MS Word for my writing and my writer’s critique group. We make comments with the comment bubble Word offers. They now changed it to where I have EXTRA steps to get in and edit a comment bubble, where before it was only one click. How is that improvement . . . or easier or quicker? 🤔

    Sorry for the rant. Must not have gotten enough sleep last night. 😒

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  3. A couple of times when I was a kid, we blew eggs out of their shells, dyed the shells and hung them on a little tree that was actually just bare branches. Mom used to make us matching Easter dresses and what she called dusters (little unlined coats). They looked great, but we shivered. It’s seldom very warm here on Easter. Today we had a nice lunch that my sister cooked. A quiet Easter, but delicious food.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if WordPress and everyone else would stop changing things so often. I’m also still using the classic editor to post.

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  4. A fellow blogger in the UK remodeled his house and put a Christmas tree in a new area of the house. He thought it looked cozy so he decided to leave it up for an entire year, decorating it for each holiday. He posted pics of each holiday and finally he took it down. I don’t think his wife was keen on it. The WordPress post might have been because Twitter changed the ‘Tweet Bird” to a dog logo and made some changes to the platform. Tonight when I logged onto Twitter, we are back to the familiar blue bird again.

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  5. So the posting thing was Elon Musk not allowing the widgets to automatically post to Twitter. He hurt a lot of people who used platforms to preschedule their content posts and bots that shared relevant information, like one set of bots that automatically shared severe weather alerts. Facebook decided if Twitter could do it, so could they. Some people think it’s greed, but I tend to think it’s more to do with silencing voices. Where are the voices of young people mist heard today? TikTok. What are politicians of both parties trying to shut down? TikTok.

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  6. I don’t know about Easter trees. Not everything has to be a tree, people! I also don’t know about sale clothes in ugly colors. I used to love sale clothes, now I barely even bother. You kind of get to expect that it’s just going to hideous stuff that is also not well made.

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  7. An Easter tree is a bit weird. Glad the visit was routine.

    I hate WordPress Block too. I have tried the Block edit and it did not work for me. Don’t need all that extra stuff as I keep my blog simple.

    Shopping is not as much fun as it used to be. When spring hits all one can find are bright and pastels – no basic neutrals. Have a good week, Kate!

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  8. I still have not found my lost joy in shopping for clothes. The Easter tree looks like a memorial to pastels. It’s certainly different. I’m not totally without Easter decorations… we have a card that our friends made and it is on the “card” table 🙂

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  9. I’d like to be a beta clothes shopper too! I was trying to find a new (Columbia brand) spring rain coat the other day and my choices of colors were lavender and sage green….trendy colors when all I wanted is classic, like navy or blue or even read, and they certainly won’t be in next year. I walked into another upscale women’s store – racks of orange, lime green, and pink. I actually took pics here as I may post about it. While pink might be passable, how many people look good in orange or lime green or would even want to wear those colors unless they wanted to stand out and be the centre of attention.

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    • The biggest sale was on a part of yucky orange joggers. Orange pants may work for kids or maybe bright shorts for summer but these were not a good color at all. I buy classic for jackets, coats or sweaters (black, navy, gray). Maybe if I was working I’d be tempted but I don’t have as many coats as I used to.

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  10. No offense to your doctor, but the Easter tree is repulsive.
    It’s been one year since I parted ways with Facebook, now I’m wondering if its full of ugly Easter trees.
    The color of clothes these days are so drab and depressing to me. Everything I’ve seen looks so “Little House on the Prairie.” I like color!
    Happy Easter, Kate.

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    • The Easter tree didn’t look bad but looked like a retail display. You know…where they take pictures with the Easter bunny. We agree on clothes. I buy anything colorful that I like because there isn’t a lot around. Last year I bought two new summer tops. Both were navy prints. I like navy but for the summer I like colorful prints but I really needed tops. I scrolled past the dusty orange pants that were on sale for almost nothing.


  11. Guess what……I still use the old editor too – I like old stuff – new stuff just makes me crazy…….It’s the old “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” – especially with computer stuff. Haven’t seen an Easter tree anywhere thankfully. Hopefully your doctor’s office isn’t just going to leave that up there and re-decorate for all holidays/special days? If so, wonder what they would do for groundhog day????????????????? Happy Easter.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

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    • I keep promising myself I’ll watch you tube videos to learn it but I have other things to do with my time. As long as the classic is working, I’ll stay with it. “Creating” your page has also changed so I won’t do that anytime soon either!

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  12. This is the second “repurposed for Easter” Christmas tree I’ve seen. Thank you, I hate it. And yes, I am also pretty sure the first one was someone who didn’t want the bother of moving the tree after Christmas (they are also pretty messy and live a clutter-filled life).

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  13. I was at the dental office this week, and they had easter eggs hanging from a floor plant and the ceiling over reception. Dust collectors for sure. I did switch to block editor but don’t pay any attention to their upgrades. Yes, it is downright annoying when something works and a 20 year-old decides they can make it easier, but for who – other 20 year olds. 🙂 I’m not a shopper so I probably can’t chime in with color choices. I’m so boring I usually pick the same colors anyway. Happy Easter!

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  14. I’ve not seen an Easter tree in person. I’m not against them, but won’t be bothering with putting one up. I don’t use the block editor because it is hell. We all know it, even if WP tries to sugarcoat it. I’ve seen the ugly colors of clothes in the stores and feel that those clothes should be deeply discounted. I can wait until good colors come back. Happy Easter!

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  15. A. No Easter tree here.
    B. Facebook’s “improvements” are never user friendly.
    C. There are a lot of UGLY clothes out there ~> “what were they thinking?”

    BTW: I painted that bunny and those eggs this week to use as Easter decor. Easier to store than a tree!

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