Sassy cats – Where’s the meat!

Gracie here. The peep says I’m a pain! I’m so in love with rotisserie chicken that the peep can’t get me to eat anything else. She ran out of it yesterday and I’ve been whiney. I won’t eat regular cat food. She even gave me a few pieces from the enchilada casserole (with the enchilada sauce on it). Yum. Maybe I like Mexican food. Do they make it in Fancy Feast varieties?

Anyhow she’s getting a haircut (oh the drama!) and a rotisserie chicken today. She better have the dang chicken. We got a few new pictures for you!

This is me in front of the fireplace. Gus is photobombing!

Here is that troublesome pile of fluff trying to look adorable!

50 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Where’s the meat!

  1. Okay, Gracie, have you tried Iam’s Perfect Portions in chicken? When Boss Cat was sick and needed to gain weight (unheard of for a formerly fat cat!) that was all she would eat besides the boiled chicken bits Andy saved for her after he made chicken stock. If the Peep hasn’t already tried that, I’d recommend.

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  2. Rotisserie chicken is the best, can’t blame you for having such exquisite taste and what a nice human you have to cater to you! Love the pics, the fireplace looks so inviting, you all look cozy! Happy Weekend! Hope the hair cut turned out well.

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