Sassy cats – And their weird habits

Gracie and her beloved bag, slightly blurred as usual

It’s the peep today with some observations. Gracie is at the casino.  She’ll return next week unless she wins big. Or there’s a tuna buffet!

Gracie must have had tooth pain for a while because since her dental surgery she is a different cat. (Can you believe it was a month ago?) Much more active (and annoying). It’s good to see her so engaged (mostly).

During the first two weeks after the dental, I had to remove the kibble from all the cats because Gracie couldn’t eat it. I would sneak some to them when she was sleeping but she could smell it and came out to investigate. She ate wet food very well.

Gracie and her kibble

Now that the kibble is available, she’s not been eating wet food often. Wet is better for her but she is like millions of people who prefer to eat what they like rather than what’s good for them.

Chewy had supply issues again with Gracie’s favorite wet food (and the only one she will eat). I had to order alternatives. One was not popular at all with any of the cats, so it will end up at a shelter. I tried a variety pack to see what they like. Gracie drives the food choices as it’s easier to feed everyone something that she likes than to have multiple choices.  Cats are complicated.

Nothing going on here. Move along!

Sasha has put on some weight so there will be that to deal with. She will eat anything except that one that no one likes. Truth is that she will eat it, then barf it up. I wish she would do the treadmill!

Morgan continues to be the perfect cat. She has decided after all these years here that she wants to sit on my lap when I’m on the toilet. I love the connection but don’t love the claws in the thighs. She will also climb in my lap when I’m eating. Not a fan of that either. Cats develop weird habits. Even perfect cats.

Here is Morgan in one of her favorite sleeping spots. That’s her blankie hanging over the arm of the chair.

I did a shopping trip earlier this week and put the paper bag on the floor for Gracie. It’s where she always is. It’s a paper bag, not soft, no cushioning, but she likes it. Next to Bath and Body boxes, she likes L.L.Bean bags the best. Weird cat.

Wishing you all a great weekend.

44 thoughts on “Sassy cats – And their weird habits

  1. They surely do develop weird habits 🙂 Glad to hear Gracie is feeling more herself now that her dental visit is over and she is healing. So nice that Morgan has decided she wants to cuddle with you now, even if there are downsides. Love the kitty snuggles!

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  2. That’s great Gracie can eat kibble with only three “teef” – talk about dealing with adversity in a positive way! That’s funny about the cats’ quirks. I have learned a lot about cats from you and Carol as I had no idea before, having had only birds and dogs.

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  3. Cats are, indeed, weird. Boss Cat loved any wet food…until she didn’t. She turned up her nose at the whitefish. Then the fillets. Then the pates. Now she will only eat her Iam’s Perfect Portion in chicken.

    And, of course, any food that I happen to be eating at the dining room table. Or popcorn. She loves stealing popcorn.

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    • None of my cats eat people food (thank God!). Jake did and he’d drive me crazy until I gave him a piece of whatever I had. Most of the time he turned up his nose and walked off. What did he think I had? Some special rare Fancy Feast that I was hiding from him!

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  4. Glad to hear Gracie is feeling better. Even my clueless dogs know how to push my anxiety buttons and I suspect cats are even more cued doing into that with their owners.

    Here’s hoping fresh supplies hit Chewy’s sooner than later and the food issues will be resolved. Have a good weekend.

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  5. LOL, that image of her in the bathroom with you! I love hearing about the kitties. And I’m so glad that Gracie seems to be feeling more lively. I wish they would tell us when something is bothering them!

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  6. I love hearing how well Gracie is doing… annoying is good too… Hahaha. I get Gracie about eating bad food that isn’t as good for her. Seems like it’s the bad for you food that is the best and tastiest food, sigh. Morgan♥ Sasha and Gus look like you interrupted something! The look from Gus!

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  7. I bet you’re right about Gracie – probably very uncomfortable until the teeth came out. I am so tired of supply problems with cat food. It was challenging. The prescription stuff the doc wanted Ted to eat was ridiculously expensive too – AND Ted wouldn’t even come near it. Glad we have a shelter to donate to – they were thrilled to get it. It’s always something!

    Hugs, Pam

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  8. I’m so glad Gracie is feeling better after her dental. So many folks resist dentals for their pets, but they feel as miserable as we do when our teeth hurt. As for weird habits…they are cats. What do you expect?

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    • Gracie’s dental got put off by a year because of a series of things, one of which was her on-going ear infection. Now I wish I would have “just done it” when the vet told me she needed it. It’s her second dental so I didn’t think her teeth were as bad as they were. She had a bunch of extractions last time too.

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      • My Gracie’s had two dentals in two years, with extractions in both, and more likely next year. Sigh. Little dogs often have crappy teeth, and Gracie is no exception.

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        • My childhood dog lived to be 18. He was a terrier mix of some sort but a smallish dog. He was always happy. I only remember one time when he was ill. It was like a cold (respiratory) and my brother gave him a piece of a cold tablet for humans. He recovered. Back then we didn’t have vets except for the big farm animals.


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