Sassy cats – Crazy week edition

Gracie here. Casino was good last week. Won enough to backroll Chewy for a month. It was the bestest week here though. Lots of news.

You know that mouse that the peep’s been talking about? Is it here or did it leave? Well, it was here in the house. Sasha caught it.

I was taking a nap on the peep’s legs while she was watching Rachel Ray (great recipes) when Sasha came sprinting in. She had something in her mouth. It had a longer tail than our toy mice so that’s not good. In one swoop the peep hopped out of the recliner (without disturbing me of course) and took off after her. Sasha thought that was great. So did Gus and I. Morgan was upstairs napping and missed the whole spectacle. Sasha has a lot of fluff so she’s not fast. The peep is old so she’s not fast. Gus and I were in stitches laughing at these two cavorting around the house. The peep won and got Sasha to drop the mouse. Poor mouse. Sasha had deaded the mouse. Peep scooped it up and escorted it outside. The funeral was quick (the peep was in her night clothes with slippers) and all was well.

The good news is that the peep could cancel the personalized feeding dish she had ordered for the mouse. Who names a mouse “Mickey?” Silly peeps!

But that’s not all. The peep keeps a glass of water out on the table. It’s a reminder to drink more water. Three nights in a row, when she got up there was a small puddle around the glass. At first she thought the glass was leaking but no, it wasn’t. She couldn’t figure it out.

She consulted with the other peep. He told her that Gus was sitting on the table when he got up. That would be next to the water. (I bet you know what’s coming next but it’s worse than you think.) We are not allowed on the table. Only Gus and Morgan go there and only at night when everyone is sleeping.

Gus drinks by putting his paw in water and licking it off. Yep, Gus had been pawing the peep’s water glass. He was very careful and did not dump it. The peep was freaked out when she realized that for three days she was sharing a water glass with a cat paw that went into the litter box.

This time we were all tail thumping with laughter. I almost horked up a hairball. Never a dull moment living with peeps.

Also, the peep took a bunch of wonderful pictures of us without the memory card in the camera. We knew it so we posed nicely. I only had to whomp Sasha on the head once. Not gonna happen with the card back in. It was not her week.

Come back next week and I’ll tell you how your cat can make butt prints on a glass coffee table. This photo is for all the sports fans out there.

69 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Crazy week edition

  1. Any mouse that decides to move into a house with four cats is clearly suicidal. You might have sought out counseling for the Mickey but really, it sounds that he was already too far gone. RIP Mickey. Good job Sasha! Over the years I’ve had cats who were great at identifying the mouse and pointing out where it was hiding, not so great on the catching.

    I have covered water bottles to avoid having cats stick their nose in my water or, as you point out worse, their foot. Besides, Zoe’s favorite thing is to push things off tables. Anything. If I drop something and make an unexpected noise it’s the end of the world. If she pushes something off the table it is cause for celebration and she poses for congratulations.

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  2. Kate – I had to share this story from my cat friend Carol. She’s pretty mad at her husband right now. Husband is a huge guy, probably 250 pounds if I recall. This is from a Facebook post today:

    “Smudge has come home from the vet splinted and on heavy pain meds. He was lying in the chair David sits in. I told David he was there, said, watch out for Smudge, I got an irritated “I know!!” and five minutes later I hear a horrible yowling and Smudge is on the floor unable to walk. David sat down hard on Smudge’s side.

    Smudge by some miracle does not have broken bones. However, he had already had knee issues from whatever happened to him in the night some months ago and veterinary practices’ failing to step up to address the problem in a timely manner, and now he has had two dislocated joints and possibly torn soft tissue. We are going to have to wait some weeks to tell if he will be able to walk well enough to function.

    He is able to get into the litter pan — I had to put a flat pan down so he doesn’t have to climb over the side, but he is so heavily medicated that it’s as if he’s drunk and he’s in danger of hurting himself if he’s not kept from trying to jump on stands and the chair. And of course David can’t be bothered to watch him so I’m having to sequester him in the room with me.”

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  3. Gracie – you do tell a good tale. I can picture how it all played out, though do you think it is wise to mention the peep’s advancing years – after all, she is just a handful of years older than me and you said “the peep is old so she’s not fast.” Christmas is coming Gracie, no catnip in your stocking for that remark! I have a story for you … my friend Carol’s cat was snoozing on the easy chair and her husband sat down on it. They had to take Smudge to the vet … Carol’s hubby is a big guy and uses a rolling rocker, so he kind of plunked down on Smudge, causing a grab of the portal to hell and a trip to the vet. I know your peeps will look before they sit. I’m sending your Peep the details … they might be too scary for you Gracie.

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  4. Augh! I had a similar story about a water glass I used to keep on my bedside table. I got some of those little silicon cup covers to prevent any more sharing. And so sorry to hear about the mouse episode! Poor mouse and poor you!

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  5. I think I’d rather drink out of a cat’s paw water glass than chase after the mouse! Well, Sasha took care of the mouse question, though, so that’s good. You have your hands full, Kate. Not only do you have to navigate the antics of these cats, but you have to put up with their mocking ways as well. No wonder you need your daily Starbucks!

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  6. You are an amazing writer. Thanks for the laughs. I shared your site with my colleagues in our #cats channel in Slack. Maybe time for a water bottle by the bed-stand instead of a glass?

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  7. Life with your cats – what a riot! Glad you are rid of the mouse – too funny. Not so funny about the glass of water! I hope you have no ill effects. Maybe you have been living with the cats so long you can share your water with them and are immune somehow. Have a safe and sane weekend!

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  8. That danged memory card doesn’t have a memory if it’s not in the camera. 😉

    LOL. I was picturing the “spectacle” of Kate chasing Sasha and the realization of drinking litter-box-paw water. Hehe. Thanks for the laugh. Have a great weekend drinking fresher water. 😁

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  9. Well you know we have to be very patient with humans – they seem to be “selectively smart” (vs. selectively dumb!)…..good thing the Mom can still cancel the special food dish for Mickey. On the other hand, maybe she should just reorder it with a name other than Mickey on it for the next one that sneaks in the house? Perhaps it could say “Generic Mouse” on it. Tee Hee

    Hugs, Teddy

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  10. Gracie, this is one of your best of the best posts! You are on a roll. I happily laughed through the whole thing. Too bad about the mouse but he was not making wise choices when he picked the Sassy Cats house to visit and/or move in. Our cats all drank out of our glasses via the paw, we never thought about where the paw could have been… we were young and dumb then. Forgetting the memory card is a huge palm to forehead moment!!! The cartoon is a gem! Be good, Gracie! Tell the Peeps to have a great weekend!

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  11. Oh, Kate, thank you! I’ve been having a run of days where nothing is catastrophically (not intended as a pun) wrong but nothing is going exactly right, either. It is so valuable to my bruised psyche to know that I’m not the only one going through this right now! Cheers to better days ahead – for both of us!

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