Random 5 for November 6, 2021 – Elections, ads, dumb stuff, weather, food

Please make it be over! – Our election day is Tuesday. Seems like it’s been going on all year. I voted weeks ago by mail-in ballot. Our state is one of those important ones getting all the attention. That means lots of ads. Since I voted, I should be exempt from them, but they invade every aspect of my life. Some are really stupid, especially the ones from special interest groups. There are fewer radio ads so my coffee trip was safe until this year when they invaded that special time — my morning drive to pick up my coffee. Just wrong!

Another thought on ads – I know they are necessary (?) because some people will not seek out information (although you really can’t believe ads). I get caught up when they do the financial tally on what an election costs. We could do so much more with that money. Federal representatives are especially bad. They serve two year terms so by the time they get installed, assigned an office and figure out who’s who, it’s time to start campaigning again. Dumb!

Stuff that doesn’t make sense – In this state you must sign and date your mail-in (or drop off) ballot. Some people forget to date them. Maybe they fill them out ahead of time and think they’ll date when they drop off, then forget. There are constant legal challenges surrounding them. Should they be counted? Depends. It appears that they should only be counted when necessary to keep the ruling party in control. If they don’t do that, they shouldn’t be counted. Judges and courts waste time issuing decrees that are turned over by another judge. Here’s a solution. Remove the date. Serves no purpose anyway. It either gets to the election office on time or it doesn’t. Maybe I should run for something. My mantra would be “more mochas for all.”

Among other weird things going on – Our weather has been unusual. It’s summerlike, hitting the 70s most days in November. That’s almost 20 degrees higher than normal. What is normal anyway. I think that went the way of the dinosaurs.

Haircut news (or should I say donut news) – I always whine about a haircut. This week I got one and it’s not too bad. We are still in the stage where my hair doesn’t know how to react to a big lopping off but that will go away. The best news is that I was able to get an early daytime appointment (very difficult with my stylist) and the bakery next door was open. I had to go in and came out with some lovely pastries. That went a long way to making me feel better especially after paying an incredible sum for that haircut.

So how was your week?

61 thoughts on “Random 5 for November 6, 2021 – Elections, ads, dumb stuff, weather, food

  1. I am glad the election is over and all the ads. I can’t vote as I am not a U.S. citizen. In our City, the Mayor is stepping down after two terms in this job and before that as Chief of Police. There was only one person running for Mayor of our City … he is a former custodian and coach at the high school and retired last year, but has been a councilperson for years. He is in the City Residents Facebook Forum commenting all the time and his spelling and grammar is cringe-worthy … I mean really, really bad. Like using the word “threw” for “through”. Of course the grammar police comment all the time.

    Now if we can just dispel with all the Medicare open enrollment ads and I’ll be happy. I did pick my 2022-23 Priority Health (new type) back on October 3rd with my Medicare navigator. So glad that is done – lots of mail everyday on options – sigh.

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  2. I’ve been watching your weather, Kate, and you’re warmer than we are at the moment. What’s going on? And we have the same signature and dating process on our mail-in ballots and for some reason I get nervous every time. Through the years my signature as slightly changed and I always worry that my vote will be disqualified. No matter how things turn out, I will be very glad when the political ads are over. We have all had our fill!

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  3. I can’t tell you how much I hate politics. I know how important it is and am committed to it all because of the stakes. BUT, it’s just not my cup of tea and I really believe they are all sociopaths. Ads should be limited–both the cost and the number of ads. And thank you for asking: I had a horrible week. A really bad dental appointment and then an MRI so too very anxiety-provoking things in one week. Husband tried to calm me with a whole package of baklava.

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  4. I have pretty much removed myself from all things political and election related. My mental health and joy were being threatened! We had a very nice October with Florida’s idea of cooler. Now we are back in summer for this early part of November. Supposedly cooler drier air is moving in this week… we will see. I love donuts, especially cake donuts but I have to make them a treat here and there. I have had a thing for carrot cake the last few months and now carrot cake love has to stop!

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    • Politics affects me negatively too. I don’t like to be around people talking about it even if it’s not confrontationally. I vote, then it’s done. Don’t wanna hear about it. I go through things too. Right now I’m in a brownie stage. I don’t know if it’s the intense chocolate or what but it’s my current love. I used to make carrot cake. I haven’t had in a long time. I had too many bad ones. I like my own baking best and I don’t bake much these days. However, my local grocery store makes a mean chocolate cake and Starbucks has a lemon cake I love.


  5. I walked my ballot up to the library a week ago so like you I’m doubly annoyed by all the election materials jamming up my mailbox. I kept them in piles all over the floor. The other day my mailbox was so stuffed the door flew open and I was afraid the letter carrier would stop delivering my mail (maybe not such a bad thing on second thought). I have a second phone with an old phone number–would you believe 96 phone messages I had to delete? And texts…OMG. A young guy campaigning for his candidate caught me as I was coming out my door. I told him I already voted. Did you vote for my candidate? None of your business, I thought. But I politely said I didn’t remember. Can’t wait for Wednesday–until the next election…

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  6. I’ve voted also so I’m with you. I’m tired of recycling the paper, deleting the texts, not answering the phone calls, and muting the TV. I can’t wait for Wednesday! I also agree two years is ridiculous, they should also have a maximum age limit, and we could definitely feed the hungry and house the homeless with all the money they spend on ads plus then they wouldn’t be beholden to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who wrote them a big check.

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  7. Pastries always have a way of making things better. My favorite bakery is next to my grocery store, so I have to go in for my cinnamon scone:) Hope you keep the nice weather a bit longer.There is snow coming tomorrow and I’m not very happy.

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  8. My week was fine because I throw away every political ad that comes in the mail. I also did not get a haircut, so I have no adjustments to make. Well, I do have to hold the hair out of my eyes to read.

    I always enjoy your posts — a bright spot in my week.

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  9. It’s always nice to get a treat after an obligatory appointment. Too bad my hairdresser doesn’t have a bakery next door. They did give out Halloween candy the day I came in. I enjoyed two mini Snickers on the way home.

    I also mailed in my ballot more than a week ago, so all their ads are wasted on me. The ads are bad enough, but in between the ads, the news programs spend their time talking about who’s ahead. Boring! They’re like little kids who spend weeks before Christmas trying to guess what’s in the gifts under the tree. Why not just wait and see.

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  10. California makes voting so easy. Walk into any polling place in your county, early voting everywhere. Had a polling place within 1 mile, a quarter mile, and within 100 feet. Voters are outnumbered by poll workers and there’s never a line. Of course everyone gets a mail-in ballot also. But it took less than five minutes to walk across the street yesterday.

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  11. “Mochas for all”, you have my vote!
    Totally agree about all the money with the ads! Just 2 more days and we will get peace, well …. we can at least hope it will be more peaceful for a time.
    Yay on not minding your haircut too much and YES, I wish haircuts could be cheaper!

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  12. Doughnut, please! The ads really are omnipresent, aren’t they? There’s not much originality with the ones on TV either: “X” candidate’s opponent is always featured in grainy, black-and-white footage. We voted in person here with early voting. I can now put that behind me, though my email in-box would never know the difference. – Marty

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  13. Here we are on our third prime minister and forth chancellor of the exchequer in three months, but we did not get to vote for any of them. I want an election.

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  14. Ditto, ditto, ditto…….there’s three dittos and you may apply them to what you’ve said anywhere you want because I feel your pain on all fronts! Let me know if you decide to run on the “remove the date” platform -it’s a terrific idea – I may move states just so I can vote for you. LOL Weird weather here too – yesterday 81 – yes, 81 in Northern Virginia in November.

    Hugs, Pam

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  15. I can barely watch tv right now with all the ads. Best to record what I want to see, when possible, so I can skip the ads. Tuesday cannot come soon enough. The whole system is wonky and stupid. (not voting, but all the stuff around that.)

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  16. Oh, Kate, I so agree with everything you say about political ads and the uptick in them the closer it gets to election day. Then again, it appears that we are thought of as less than intelligent since volunteers stand outside polling places with literature on their candidate – in case we haven’t arrived there already knowing how we are going to vote and can be swayed??? My friend stated, to which I agreed wholeheartedly, that any and all political advertising by any candidate must be limited to that candidate and his/her political history and political promises – i.e., no negative commentary about the opposing candidate. We’d get less advertisements that way, since most of them don’t have that much positive stuff to say about themselves politically. A financial fine for any advertising saying anything negative about their opposition should end up spending some of the coffers set aside for the advertisement process.

    Yes, the weather is weird – but weird in a good way, so who is going to complain? Saves on the heating bill, if nothing else!

    I’ll imagine us cheering our coffee cups together on Wednesday morning when we wake up realizing the political ads are over!!!!

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    • Wednesday will start all the challenges to the election. I’m so weary. I like your friend’s suggestion. Our last governor never did a negative political ad (although some PACs did). He only talked about what he would do. It was refreshing.

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