A round of odds and ends

Today I walked by a seafood store. It was the worst smell I’ve encountered in a long time. They had their trash bags ready for pick up and clearly some things were rotting. Turned me off of seafood in a big way. It would behoove a store with stinky stuff to put the garbage in the back. I had to buy an extra donut in the bakery to soothe my troubled nose.

I’ve been invited to a very nice luncheon. It’s the day after my cat Gracie undergoes major dental surgery. I can’t pick her up until the day of the luncheon. So do I pick her up early and worry about her alone at home through the lunch or pick her up afterward and still worry about her caged at the vet through the lunch? Sigh! When it rains it pours.

My eyeglass lens has a chip. They are three years old. I was hoping to replace just the lens but my “prescription” has expired even though my vision hasn’t changed. So, I must get a refraction which they can’t do until December and then it will be a “virtual” exam. I’m trying this out but can’t imagine how they do it virtually. Anyhow I love my frames so hope after all this, I won’t get a run around about just changing the lenses. BTW that appointment is also the week of the luncheon and cat surgery.

We’ve been doing the last minute outside stuff while the weather is still great. It turns tomorrow. Rain and much cooler. Sounds like a soup day.

56 thoughts on “A round of odds and ends

  1. You know you will worry about Gracie either way … our little nippers away from us occupy our thoughts, not matter the reason. As I catch up here, I hope I read that Gracie has had her dental procedure and is feeling well.

    We had such a beautiful run of weather and abruptly it stopped … like Mother Nature got a bee in her bonnet. Right now it is snowing lightly and we have 25 mph winds and tomorrow morning a windchill in the teens. A shock to the system!

    I wore contacts from 1974 to 2009. My opthalmologist for many years had an optical department right in the office. I had the same frames for years as I only wore my glasses at night (to give my eyes a break as I wore hard contact lenses) and on the weekend sometimes. Anyway, they popped out the old lens, replaced it in minutes. Eye doc got neurological problems, shut down the practice so I had to find a new contact lens practitioner, new eye doc … I don’t like the new eye doc. I hate to use the word “yuppie” as it dates me, but that is him. He keeps giving me his wife’s card (she’s a financial advisor) … all his clothes are either monogrammed or designer. Anyway, no optical department. So you either have to have a spare pair of glasses while you order a totally new pair – frames included. I am not crazy about this and rotate two pair and have a pair I only wear outside. I have a lot of extras (beveled lenses, trifocals/progressive, computer tint, dark tint) … this year they said “no more trading frames – you have to pick a new frame. I went through a Nike Flex Frame … don’t like it as it I feel like I bend over and they’ll go flying and I feel like I don’t see properly. I can’t put my finger on it. But I had to pay an arm and a leg beyond my Medicare and supplement for them and I’m back in my old glasses.

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      • The “arms” on these frames are too straight for one, so they don’t “hug” my ears for lack of a better description. I can’t use them at the computer as I don’t seem to focus properly – I can’t explain it. They are bigger than my last glasses. I can’t see without my glasses, so relied on the girl to tell me how they looked. She said “they look great!” They don’t. 🙂 The western part of Michigan got slammed – they were getting an inch of snow an hour and the northern ‘burbs had whiteouts this morning and tons of accidents. I hate Winter. Well, I’ll be thinking of Gracie on the 4th. Never read anything else as to follow-up about Smudge getting smooshed by David.

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        • This answers my “snow” question. I do know what you mean and I too need help in selecting a style because my close up vision isn’t great. I usually go for lightweight ones and ones with the adjustable nose piece. The stationary plastic nose pieces slide down my nose. Bigger styles are “in” now.

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          • That is what these Nike Flex are – very lightweight and they do have an adjustable nose piece. You might like them Kate. I can’t see anything without my glasses. I have to take off my glasses to cut my fingernails and I remember snickering at my mom when she took off her glasses to thread a needle and had it in front of her nose. She never wore glasses until her mid-50s. I’m surprised about people wanting to wear those big eyeglasses with plastic frames. Some remember me of horn-rimmed glasses men wore decades ago.

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  2. That is going to be a busy week! I would pick her up after the luncheon. She will be with people who can take care of her if there is a problem. Although there won’t be! Good luck with new glasses 🙂 I always love getting new glasses. It’s a chance to reinvent my look a little bit.

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  3. I’m on the side of letting her have a little extra recovery time where you know she’s being looked after. I hope she recovers easily. So she only eats chicken? Are we sure that she and Zoe are not related? Before Charlie’s death she ate turkey and beef, if she could get it, and fishies. Now she tells me she has never liked those things and all she will eat is chicken, preferably some kind that I do not have.

    I had frameless lenses once upon a time that they insisted they couldn’t just replace the lenses in. Eyeglasses are a pain and far, far too expensive.

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  4. While I know every pet parent wants to pick up their pet as soon as possible after dental surgery, I’d venture she’ll be just fine being picked up after your luncheon. They’re usually groggy and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her resting in a controlled environment until you can get there. Sounds like a win-win that way.

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  5. I hope you get your eye glasses fixed sooner rather than later. Once you find frames you like it’s difficult to give them up. As for the cold dreary weather, ours arrived today. All week it’s been warm and sunny, but now we’re having proper November weather.

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  6. I agree that “when it rains, it pours”. I’m sitting here in my part of PA awaiting the start of the rain from Nicole, even though our forecaster said it was to start about 1/2 hour ago. I had to get some additional stitches in my jaw from my surgery follow-up yesterday, so soup (which is a “soft” food I can have) will actually be appreciated on what is supposed to be a gloomy and rainy day.

    While I know you don’t like Gracie to be caged up more than necessary, she’s better off at the vet’s office than home alone in terms of your ‘worry meter’. I vote you go to the luncheon if it sounds nice. The weather may soon make gatherings more rare, so take them while you can get them!

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  7. I always get a “warning” from the optometrist that old frames aren’t guaranteed if you put in new lenses. I think it’s probably a scam to frighten you off and make you pay for new frames. But it works! I’m not brave enough to test it. I guess eventually I’ll have a big enough stockpile of glasses that I’ll risk it.

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    • I’ve never broken a frame. I heard that Costco will put lenses in old frames and I’ve had it done when I dinged another lens years ago. That time they told me they can’t just do one lens but had to replace them both. Fortunately they were under warranty. Didn’t sound right to me though. I think the whole eyeglass business is a big scam.

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  8. I would end up canceling my plans for the luncheon to be home with recovering Gracie. I hope all goes well with her dental. I have never heard of a virtual eye exam.

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    • I’m struggling with the decision. I’ve been waiting for the vet to call all week. Gracie has had a dental before with extraction. I picked her up the same day and she slept off the remainder of the anesthesia at home. I am fortunate to have a cat room where I could confine her that would have everything she needed.

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      • Kate, you know how Gracie does and you are familiar with how she feels after. You know if it works. They do some sleeping after anesthesia. I was coming from my point of view as someone who suffers from anxiety and I know I would just be sitting there worrying instead of having a good time. I’d rather be at the luncheon having a good time! I know you when it comes to your cats and she would be fine. It’s me that’s the problem 🙂

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  9. You’ve shared before about your sensitive nose, Kate, and I wonder if the establishment has another option. I do wonder what you’ll choose to do regarding the luncheon, but I am sure Gracie will be fine. It seems to me you deserve a little time to enjoy yourself before the patient comes home!

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