Sassy cats — The office window

The office window is prime real estate here. It is shared by all except Morgan who cannot be bothered by other cats disturbing her. It’s Gracie’s home base but that doesn’t mean that Gus and Sasha don’t intrude.

Here are Sasha and Gus sharing the cat bed. There are two spots on the table in front of the window but these two are snugglers.

Sometimes they will each take a spot.

Sometimes Gracie can be tenacious and not give up her spot.

We all wish you a great weekend and hope you find a great spot with or without a friend.

60 thoughts on “Sassy cats — The office window

      • Sadly so – gray and gloomy now. I still have trees across the street with some leaves … I’m watching next week’s weather for the handyman for the gutters. I don’t want him up there with an icy roof (he checks the roof and chimney while up there) but I want the gutters done.

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          • This happens every year lately – the leaves dropped later than usual this year. If it was just on the ladder scooping it would be fine, but he checks loose shingles, flashing, etc. My neighbor’s Magnolia bushes were in bud (for the third or fourth time this year), but the sudden cold zapped them.

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            • Our leaves were late too. We were very warm and then whop! It got very cold. We went from a delightful week bouncing around the high 60s to low 70s to the mid-20s. Did you get snow. Parts of the country are getting clobbered.

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              • Parts of western Michigan and the Upper Peninsula got clobbered. We got two inches of snow Saturday into Sunday, but a wintry mix under the snow, so I shoveled, ran the car and scurried back in the house. It was only 18 and a windchill in the teens.

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                    • I don’t know if our ski resorts will be able to open for T-day. It’s a good money-maker if they can as so many people are off for the weekend. No falling snow though. Just the man made kind.

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                    • It’s still cold here but the weather is predicted to moderate. Not sure if any were able to open. We are an hour from the Pocono Mountains which has several ski resorts and colder weather.

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                    • We were very mild today, so I wonder if the ski places opened. It was sunny too. I finished up everything in the yard and some leaves still had snow underneath them. It was a great day to do yardwork as it was going to rain tonight and 1/2 inch on Sunday. Of course, the guy came to clean the gutters and fix two seams I saw opened up and it rained at 7:00 p.m. – caulking hopefully dried before the rain.

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                    • I feel better then. We had another warm day today and tomorrow before that rain arrives. People were putting up Christmas decorations – good weather for it. The first year we lived in the States (1966), we went back to visit my grandmother for the first time since we moved here that Summer. The weather was great so we planned to return on Sunday. Sunday morning we awoke to a blizzard warning and they closed Highway 401 down for the day – they only do that for bad snowstorms. So I missed school, my father missed work … the weather had been beautiful. Same thing happened for my grandmother’s funeral. We went into the church, clear as a bell – no snow expected. Came out and started snowing – we left for home – the 401 was bad so we knew if it got worse they’d close it down. A white knuckle drive in a Pacer which skidded and fishtailed despite sandbags in the rear. I have never liked driving in snow as I took the bus to Downtown Detroit for decades and just walked to the bus stop, a block away.

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                    • I drove to work for my entire career. Some of it was a half hour commute in any kind of weather. My company didn’t close for bad weather. One of the pleasures of retirement is not to have to think about driving to work in bad weather.

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                    • The bus was so handy I never drove, until my boss/I went out on our own. Then I needed two buses to get to work, so I only took the bus in bad Winter and sometimes rode with someone from the building, but drove in good weather. Working from home makes me a bigger Winter driving weenie.

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